Eckerd Surreal Festival and Film Competition

Dali Surreal Film Festival

February 21-February 28, 2009

The Office of the Dean of Students, the Office of Campus Activities, and the Visual Arts faculty partnered with the Salvador Dali Museum to offer the Eckerd Surreal Film Competition. Students and alumni were invited to write, direct, and produce their own surreal film for this campus-wide competition. The films submitted were screened at the Eckerd College Surreal Festival sponsored by the Dean of Students and the Office of Campus Activities and held on Hough Quad on Saturday evening, February 21. This Festival included live music, unusual food, giveaways, and surreal decorations and lights. Eckerd Day at the Dali was held on the following Saturday, February 28. Students, faculty, staff, and Eckerd College parents were able to view the "Dali and Freud" exhibit at the Museum free of charge as well as enjoy special refreshments at the Eckerd gathering outside the Museum. At the end of the afternoon, the winners of the film competition were announced and the winning films screened at a ceremony at the Museum hosted by Professor of Visual Arts Arthur Skinner.

Dali Surreal Film Competition Winners 2009

First Place: Cleo Chitester, "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Second Place: Meagan Gilliam, "The Hummingbird and the Crane"
Third Place: Caroline Leone, "Psychotria"
Honorable Mention: Aurora Schramm & Dylan Ranson, "Superreala Filmo"

The alumni category was a split between two winners:

Donald Ambroziak '06, "Ineffable Internal Stimuli"
Sarah Burris '05, "Creatures"

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