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Note to Supervisors

Following the guidelines below ensures that student employment is in compliance with federal and state laws and the guidelines from the Eckerd College Office of Human Resources. If you have any questions about student employment, please contact the Office of Career Services, 864-8258.

Students may come to you with or without an employment form for the initial interview; if you decide to hire them, they must fill out at an employment form before beginning work. Employment forms are available in the Office of Career Services.

For Student Assistants, you must have the person who approves your budget (Department Chair, Division Vice President, etc.) sign and print his or her name in the space provided on the employment form.

I-9 forms

All student employees must complete an I-9 form in the Office of Career Services before they are allowed to work.

Students should not begin work without a completed I-9 form. If a student begins work before the I-9 form is completed, Eckerd College could be fined.


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Wed., November 5
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