Ceremony of Lights 2005
Ceremony of LIghts 2006

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The Reverend Mona Bagasao
August 11, 2006

Receive the blessing of the God of Light.

We know that besides this blessing you will receive something from you time at Eckerd - in very short time you will have a diploma in one hand, a big bill in the other. We don't know yet what you will become because of your time here.

Tonight, you are invited to go into a place where people will say, "May I help you in this place?" They'll say, "Welcome home to this place." They probably will not say, "Can you feel the spirit in this place?" Instead they will gather you with them, and we will all BECOME the spirit of celebration at Eckerd College. That spirit, in the power of God, will enable  you to be strong when you feel weak, to be excited when you feel bored, to be tall when you feel little.

Go, now, in the love of God. Walk tall, walk proud, walk together.


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