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Ceremony of LIghts 2006

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Suzan Harrison
Associate Dean of Faculty
August 11, 2006

As we pass this flame this night, let us commit ourselves to thequest for knowledge and understanding that leads to wisdom.

We undertake this quest even though we know it means that we must grow and be changed.

As we pass this light from one to another, may it remind us that we do not learn and grow alone, and that our lives as individuals are fulfilled in community.

We acknowledge the need for the support of each other to succeed in achieving our educational goals.

As we embark on this adventure in learning together, let us remember that we seek to cultivate our full humanity.

We commit ourselves to the strengthening of our bodies, the sharpening of our intellects, and the nourishment of our souls.

As we strive to develop our individual talents, may we be mindful of the destructive consequences of focusing solely on personal gain.

We commit ourselves to pursuing an education that will enable us to contribute to the common good.

As we pass this flame this night, we commit ourselves to the quest for learning that liberates the mind from the limits of ignorance and prejudice, that fosters the fulfillment of our unique selfhood, and that enables us to lead through constructive service.

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