Ceremony of Lights 2007
Ceremony of Lights 2007

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The Reverend Mona Bagasao
August 10, 2007

I'm always tempted at this time to say something about the movement from darkness to light. But it hardly seems appropriate to suggest that you folks who have worked so hard to get to this moment have been in darkness. So, no darkness to light. If i said the movement was from light to dark I'd lose my job. So, tonight, I wish you all God's blessings as you move from light to more light - more light that, in you and through you, will seep into places where light has never been before. More light- that will refract into colours no eye has ever seen. More light - carried in the flame of passion of your dreams. Tonight, I wish God's blessings on us all as we more from light to more light, empowered by the one who, according to the sacred texts of the Children of Abraham, started this all for us when He said, "Let there be light."


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