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James J. Annarelli
Dean of Students
August 13, 2010

It is my pleasure and my honor to receive you as the newest members of the Eckerd College family. As Eckerd students, you are heirs to a rich academic heritage that has its roots in the vision of our founders. From its inception, Eckerd was envisioned as a college unlike any other. Its uniqueness was a product of the founders' desire to combine an unwavering commitment to the traditional liberal arts and sciences with an openness to educational experimentation. Enduring aspects of the founders' vision will shape your education here –

  • An emphasis on the central role of the mentor-student relationship,
  • The importance attributed to the study of the ethical and spiritual dimensions of human existence,
  • An openness to interdisciplinary scholarship,
  • A conviction that significant learning takes place both within the classroom and beyond it, and
  • A uniquely personal approach to campus and residential life.

In joining us, then, you are joining a very special kind of living and learning community, and you will have the opportunity to mold this community in meaningful ways through your membership and participation.

This Ceremony of Lights, which has become an important tradition of the College, expresses through symbolic language and actions the transition that is taking place in your lives at this very moment. Because of your prior achievements, you have reached a personal and educational milestone: You have earned a place in this community of learning.

I congratulate you and I welcome you to the Eckerd College family.

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