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The Reverend Douglas H. McMahon
Director of Campus Ministries and Chaplain
August 13, 2010

And, now, let us go forth remembering the commitment we have made this evening: a commitment to "the quest for knowledge and understanding leading to wisdom."

Let us walk in the light—for often the world can be a dark and lonely world filled with violence, suffering and sorrow.

Let us walk in the light—remembering we do not walk alone. Rather, we journey together having acknowledged that we can only find fulfillment in community "supporting each other" and "learning together."

Let us walk in the light--giving honor and glory to our Creator God who said, "Let there be light." We praise and worship our God, the giver of all good gifts and author of all knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

We go forth, now, to learn, to serve and to love one another and our God. To God be the glory! Amen.

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