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Ceremony of Lights

Ceremony of Lights

Student Welcome

Rhemy A. Brezin '13, ECOS President

Rhemy A. BrezinGood evening friends, family, professors, members of the Eckerd community and members of the incoming class. As the President of the Eckerd College Organization of Students, it is my honor and great pleasure to welcome you into the Eckerd College community.

College is a unique time in your life. It is your chance to be out in the world and become whoever you wish to become. It is your chance to forget the past and become a new member of our community of scholars here at Eckerd. It is the chance to follow your heart and your interests through your class selections, clubs and sports, and the activities offered on campus.

Academics at Eckerd will be very different from your high school classes. You will get to know your professors on a personal basis, and they will make learning more intriguing than it has ever been. Professors here want to help you be the most successful scholar you can be. They will be an important resource during your time at Eckerd and after. One of the great things about classes at Eckerd is that you go on the best fieldtrips. I have been turtling in North Florida, on a tour of the St. Petersburg Waste Water Plant, and out boating to collect marine specimens in the Gulf.

Eckerd wants you to graduate a global citizen. As a student of the liberal arts, you will receive a well rounded education, and thus I encourage you to reach beyond your bubble and take classes which peak your interests and are outside of your major. Take a Winter Term or a semester abroad. Learn to see the world in a new light.

Have you always had an interest in Disney movies, learning the game of Magic the Gathering, or how to play field hockey, lacrosse, or rugby? These are just a small sampling of the diverse and numerous club offerings at Eckerd. Don’t be afraid to attend club meetings on your own. This is your time to discover and develop your interests, so get out there! In my time at Eckerd there have been several aspects of student life that have influenced the person I am today. They include Palmetto Productions, Service-Learning, and ECOS.

Palmetto Productions is our campus activities board, and they host events every Thursday through Saturday night during the academic year. If you enjoy planning and hosting events, come out to Palmetto Committee meetings.

Service Learning offers amazing opportunities to volunteer in our St. Petersburg community and abroad. Over 15 spring break trips that are domestic and international are offered each year through the Office of Service-Learning. These are amazing trips that will introduce you not only to global issues and cultures, but also to more of your fellow students whom you may not have met otherwise. Personally, being on and leading spring break trips has been instrumental in helping me decide upon my career path which will be in environmental education.

Finally, there is ECOS. Your Eckerd College Organization of Students. We are here to work for and with you. ECOS hosts a multitude of events from the trip to Fort DeSoto on Sunday to CPS events to broadcasting the national debates later in the fall and providing transportation to the polls. We have multiple opportunities for you to get involved, and I hope you will attend the Getting Involved with ECOS event on Sunday night to hear about these opportunities and watch Shark Week videos with us.

So my advice to you is to take this time to explore what you are interested in and continue to pursue what you are passionate about. It is true that you will hit rough patches and get busy, but remember that there is always a friendly ear at Eckerd to listen and help you out. Good luck with Autumn Term, Class of 2016.

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