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Eckerd College Commencement
Award Recipients

Marjorie S. Hardy
Associate Professor of Psychology
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For the versatility to teach both clinical courses such as Abnormal Psychology and Health Psychology and statistical courses such as Research Design and Tests and Measurements;

For the ability to address the learning needs of students with widely varying levels of preparation;

For a warm, outgoing personal style that engages students in the learning process, while, at the same time, holding them to high academic standards;

For receiving consistently high ratings from students regardless of the subject or level of the course;

For organizing and overseeing internships that provide psychology majors with opportunities to enhance their learning through practical experience and community service;

For serious involvement in the scholarship of pedagogy that has resulted in numerous publications and membership on the editorial board of the journal Teaching of Psychology;

For research on the relationship between firearms and children’s safety that has resulted in grants, publications, and attention from the national news media;

For generous and valuable service to the broader life of the college through your leadership of the Institutional Review Board for research involving human subjects, and your work with the Faculty Coordinating Committee, Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee, Student Conduct Review Board; and Phi Beta Kappa;

And especially for the cheerful positive attitude that engages the affection and the respect of all who know you, and inspires students to say, "She is really nice but hard,"

Eckerd College presents The Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teaching Award to Marjorie Sanfilippo Hardy.

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