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Eckerd College Commencement
Speeches and Remarks

Chaplain Mona Bagasao

The Holy of Holies is an odd God, hearing the burble of babies, the mutterings of old men and the erudite discourses of educated men and women, hearing them all and hearing in all of them our need to know. It is that need that has brought us to today. Go forth from this place today trumpeting like elephants in your celebration but walking carefully so as not to trample the grass or the salamanders or the fire ants. Go, knowing that you have power at fingertips, that you have compassion in your heart, that you have the support of all these people at the touch of our cell phone, that you have the love of the eternal God with you always.

Go, and live such lives that God Himself, like Don Eastman, will not be able to think of Excellence without remembering you, the Eckerd College Class of 2006. Go in peace.


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