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Eckerd College Commencement
Award Recipients

Award Recipients

The Philip J. Lee Honor Award
Scott Arthur Hale, recipient

The Philip J. Lee Honor Award is presented to the senior student whose scholarly achievements at Eckerd College have demonstrated both exceptional accomplishment and superior promise.

This year's recipient is from Wisconsin.  He is a triple major in Math, Computer Science and Spanish; two minors in Law and Justice and Computational Science - and a 4.0 grade point average.

He is a Ford Scholar, a 2006 Goldwater Scholar, a Truman Scholarship finalist in 2007, was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa as a junior, is a member of four honor societies, is a member of the Ethics Bowl team and also served as the College's Scuba Club president during 2005-2006.

During his sophomore year he was a Student Ministry Coordinator, Director on the Student Community Standards Board and a Student Ambassador.  He also served a year as the Webmaster of the Eckerd College Organization of Students.

He has taught English as a second language in Peru through an Alternative Spring Break opportunity.  He returned to Peru the following summer to continue the service on his own and also worked in an orphanage with mentally handicapped children. 

He will be leaving on August 1, 2008 to begin a new position in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher. 

He is one of the most talented and promising students I have ever met.  This year's Phillip J. Lee Honor Award Recipient is Scott Arthur Hale

The Irving G. Foster Award
Jake Loomis, recipient

The Irving G. Foster Award is given to a graduate of the Program for Experienced Learners who demonstrates excellence in overall academic achievement.

This year's recipient of the Irving G. Foster award was born in Brattleboro, Vermont, and moved with his parents to Florida in 1978. He now lives in Bradenton, Florida, with his wife, Alicia, a 2006 Eckerd College graduate.  He has attended Eckerd College since graduating from Manatee Community College in 2005, where he received the Outstanding Student in American History Award.

In addition to working full-time and going to school full-time, he is a volunteer for 96.5 WSLR, Sarasota's local, non-profit, volunteer community radio station. He has a regular Monday morning radio show and serves as an active member of the Programming Committee for WSLR.
He is graduating with high honors with a major in American Studies.  He is this year's recipient of the PEL American Studies Discipline award for academic excellence.

After graduation, he plans to continue his education and earn a Master's Degree in American History, and eventually become a high school teacher in Florida.

This year's Irving G. Foster Award Recipient is Jake Loomis.

The James H. Robinson Award
Johnny Von Shawn Boykins, recipient

The James H. Robinson Award is presented to the senior student who has, by leadership and example, contributed significantly to the minority experience at Eckerd College and to a fuller appreciation of cross-cultural values throughout the whole Eckerd community.

This year's recipient is from St. Petersburg, Florida. Today he will be graduating with a double major in Political Science and Communications and a minor in International Relations and Global affairs. 

He has served in numerous positions in the Eckerd College Organization of Students including Executive Vice President, Parliamentarian, President Pro-Tempore, Sophomore Senator, and Freshmen Senator. He chaired the Student Senate; the Constitution, Regulations, and Bylaws Committee; and the Food Committee; he served on the Financial Affairs Committee, the Public Relations Committee, and was the Assistant Vice Chair of the Academy of Florida Independent Colleges and Universities.  He serves as the Senior Class Gift Committee co-chair and is also a member of the United States Coast Guard Reserves.

This year's James A. Robinson Award Recipient is Johnny Von Shawn Boykins.

The David and Blanche Colgan Memorial Prize
April  Yvonne Glasco, recipient

The David and Blanche Colgan Memorial Prize is awarded to a graduate of the Program for Experienced Learners who has demonstrated extraordinary determination and perseverance in achieving a solid academic record and who exemplifies the spirit of life-long learning.  The award is provided through the generosity of Eckerd College trustee and a 1997 PEL graduate herself, Mary Miller, in memory of her parents.

This year's recipient has been an extraordinary role model for her four daughters as she has been a Corrections Officer; a staffer at Manatee Glens working with those suffering from substance and mental abuse and HIV-AIDS; and directing Second Chance - Last Opportunity, a not-for-profit life skills education and training center serving at-risk teens, teen mothers, low income families and the homeless through a variety of training programs and street outreach.   The positive effect this organization has had on the people of Newtown and beyond is described as simply remarkable.

Her commitment to her clients is unwavering.  She saw a tremendous need in her community and devised a plan to meet that need. 

This year's recipient is graduating with a major in Human Development and plans to continue her education and attend graduate school in the near future.

Please recognize this year's David and Blanche Colgan Memorial Prize Recipient, April  Yvonne Glasco.

The Ronald Wilson Memorial Award
Grace Ann Gair, recipient

The Ronald Wilson Memorial Award is presented to a senior student who has made a significant contribution to the total College community.

This year's recipient is from Fort Myers and will soon be an alumna with a double major in Anthropology and International Relations and a minor in Spanish.  She entered Eckerd College as a Florida Presidential Fellow with a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.

She is a Ford Apprentice Scholar, a member of ODK and Phi Beta Kappa and has recently been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in South Korea next year.  Her long-term goal is to become a college professor.

She was Captain of the Eckerd College Ethics Bowl Team and provided superb leadership as President of the Eckerd College Organization of Students, managing a budget of over $400,000. 

She played an important role in the implementation of the College's honor code system and helped initiate a program focused on academic integrity and community responsibility that was integrated into our Autumn Term orientation program for the freshman class.

She worked on a long list of projects, among them bringing new benefits to students working in residence life and implementing a new student government Website.

She served as a Resident Advisor and Assistant Residence Coordinator where she demonstrated her well-developed leadership skills, effective peer counseling skills, and an unwavering dedication to her follow students. 
This year's Ronald Wilson Memorial Award Recipient is Grace Ann Gair.

The Miller Award
Amanda Elaine Sciarrotta, recipient

The Miller Award is presented to the senior student whose life activities best exemplify the ideal of unselfish and public-spirited service to the community, off campus as well as on campus.

This year's recipient is from Safety Harbor and majored in Management and minored in Psychology. 

She has served with distinction as a Resident Advisor, an Assistant Residence Coordinator in our Residence Life Program, and volunteer teacher's aide for three years at Happy Workers Day Care Center.

Her other service activities include assisting with the coordination of the Risser Golf Classic and volunteering with the Taste of Pinellas and the All Children's Hospital Telethon.

For the past two summers, she was awarded an internship with Rally Stores in Clearwater.  After her second summer, she was awarded the Rally Stores Annual Scholarship.

This year's Miller Award Recipient is Amanda Elaine Sciarrotta.

The John Satterfield Outstanding Mentor Award
Margaret R. Rigg, recipient

The John Satterfield Outstanding Mentor Award is named in honor of a beloved member of the founding faculty.  This award honors the  special and vital role of the mentor in a student's  life at Eckerd.  The selection of the recipient is based on the impact the mentor has had in the areas of academic programming, career planning, and personal growth.

The John Satterfield Outstanding Mentor Award is presented this year to Margaret R. Rigg.

For embodying as a member of the Florida Presbyterian/Eckerd College faculty for 33 years, the ideal of a teacher, mentor and artist;

For inspiring your students and colleagues to see the art of calligraphy as a means of expressing through the letters of the alphabet and the content of words the deepest of life's realities;

For emphasizing the responsibility of artists to address not only aesthetic but also the central social and political issues of their time;

For enabling your students to push beyond the conventional and comfortable to trust in their own capacity for creative achievement;

For inspiring the concept of Autumn Term for first year students, which continues to serve as the foundation of the College's mentoring program;

And for demonstrating superbly that effective mentoring is itself an art that calls for our best in communication, understanding, and inspiration,

Eckerd College Presents the John Satterfield Outstanding Mentor Award to Margaret R. Rigg, Professor Emerita of Visual Art.

Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teacher Award
Alison Ormsby, recipient

The Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teacher Award emphasizes the primary importance of teaching in the College, recognizes teaching excellence in an individual faculty member, and encourages the pursuit of teaching excellence by the faculty as a whole. 

Selection of the recipient by the faculty is based upon the instructor's knowledge of the subject matter and ability to communicate and inspire student enthusiasm about the subject, develop student skills relevant to the subject, stimulate independent thinking and creative approaches, evaluate student progress and achievement, and respond to both individual and group needs and levels of preparation.

The award is made possible by the generosity of a distinguished former member of the College's Board of Trustees, Robert A. Staub, whose concern for excellence in teaching reflects his understanding of and commitment to the central role of faculty members in a liberal arts education.

The Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teacher Award is presented this year to Alison Ormsby.

For consistently excellent ratings by students of your teaching in a wide range of courses in environmental policy;

For your strong contributions to the College's core courses in general education;

For providing unusual and rewarding opportunities for overseas study in Dominica, Ghana, Madagascar, Thailand, and most remarkably Malaysia shortly after the tsunami;

For fostering numerous internships and independent studies for students to explore the application of environmental policies;

For your role as a leader in the College's commitment to address environmental issues on campus and beyond;

For serving as a mentor to many students in one of the College's most popular programs, yet someone students praise as always available, always helpful;

And, as one of your students wrote using one of the College's mottoes, for creating both in and outside the classroom as teacher and mentor, "the right climate for learning,"

Eckerd College Presents the Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teacher Award to Alison Ormsby, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies.

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