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Eckerd College Commencement
Speeches and Remarks

The Reverend Mona Bagasao, Director of Religious Life and Chaplain

As you leave this tent, leave this campus, you leave the daily ups and downs of our common life. You do not leave the Eckerd community, which holds you in an embrace that is 50 years wide. You do not leave the right you earned to ask hard questions, to struggle with unsatisfactory answers. You do not leave what you learned: the responsibility of giving yourself to change the world.

I'm certain it's true you do not leave the alumni office tugging your sleeve; the folks in advancement offering a smile asking for money all the while. But never fear if "Not yet!" you must say. We know you have school loans yet to pay. We still love you, like a surrogate father and mother. We know we'll get you pledge, one way or another.

You do not leave the hearts and minds of your mentors, faculty and staff who have walked with you to this day. Most importantly, you do not leave the presence and Spirit of the Most Holy God, who welcomes you with high expectation into what used to be your future but is not your new great adventure.

Go in peace; Go in hope; go in love.

Hail and farewell.

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