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Eckerd College Commencement
Speeches and Remarks

The Reverend Mona Bagasao, Director of Religious Life and Chaplain

Mona BagasaoBlake began our time together reminding us of the journey that has brought you to this time and place. The journey goes on.

As you leave this place, know that you go empowered and blessed to take your place in the next adventure.

If someone asks, "Who are you to be here?", you can respond boldly, "I am an imaginative, inventive opportunist."

If they say, "How did you get here?", you can say, "I earned the right to be here."

If they want to know, "What are you doing here?", you can answer proudly, "I am making a difference."

If they query, "Well, what happens now that you're here?", you can be sure of your response: "ANYTHING can happen!"

If they say, "What then?", you can answer without fear: "I will splinter, but I'll grow back. With the wit and wisdom of a Steve Forbes, with the giving spirit of a Jane Petro, with the perseverance of a Tom West, with the grace and forgiveness of a Howard Kennedy, I will grow back."

Class of 2009, you might deserve a break today, but tomorrow you'll not only make your own breaks, you'll make breaks for those who haven't your experience, your preparedness, your privilege. You'll do it because you're called to it; you must do it.

So, answer the call, knowing that the peace, justice, power and love of Holy God go with you.


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