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Eckerd College Commencement
Speeches and Remarks

Robert Blake Johnson '09

Blake JohnsonGod of many names, we humbly come before You today, grateful for the many opportunities and experiences we have had during our time at this incredible college.We gather today, remembering the moments with close friends, the conversations with caring faculty, and the staggering journey that has brought us to this momentous occasion.

Loving God, this morning as we celebrate our many accomplishments as the Class of 2009, we ask that You would help us to remember that the very life and breath we enjoy comes from You, and You alone. We thank You for your unconditional love and Your unyielding grace that allows us to come across this stage today, and leave it as graduates of Eckerd College.

Ever present God, we thank You also for the family and friends, the teachers and staff who have supported us and encouraged us every step of the way, their selfless dedication is one of the many things that has made this experience so memorable.

Generous God, Just as it is written in the book of Genesis that Jacob clung to the feet of the angel asking for a blessing, we too cling to Your feet on this day, seeking a blessing of our very own. Today, as we prepare to leave this wondrous place, we ask that You would soften our hearts to the human condition, that You would open our eyes so that we may recognize injustice and confront it with conviction, God teach us to be generation that reaches out with open hands instead of clinched fists, and finally we ask that whatever path we may tread, it will be the one to which You have called us. Patient God, we recognize our responsibilities as we leave this place, and we thank You for the many lessons we've learned, and the many other ways that we have grown through Your love. Be with each of us today as we go to all corners of this world tomorrow. We ask all of these things in Your name. Amen.

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