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Eckerd College Commencement
Speeches and Remarks

Greetings from the Graduating Class
Constance C. Langhorst '09, PEL Graduate

Constance LanghorstWelcome graduates, esteemed faculty, alumni, and honored guests.

It is a privilege to give voice to our excitement and sense of accomplishment at having reached the destination of this place in time.

Today's celebration is a way marker, a light in the channel of our "to be continued" journey. We are here today as part of a community of learning. Through this shared experience, we have exchanged gifts - expressions of mutual respect and passion for our chosen course of study, wrapped, like presents, in that which defines who we are as unique individuals. May these gifts be carried in our hearts until, and for long after, a red sail sunset marks the end of this day.

To the family members and friends who are here to share this important moment in our lives, thank you for the gift of your presence.

To members of the faculty and Eckerd College staff, thank you for igniting our passion for learning.

Florida novelist, Zora Neal Hurston, refers in the closing paragraph of her book, Their Eyes Were Watching God to her horizon like a great fish-net... with so much of life in its meshes!

We are members of the Class of 2009!

As we celebrate our accomplishments, know that there's much life in our nets. As we, with our myriad interests leave this special place, let's savor the flashes of good fortune and friendship that brought us to this moment, and honor the tendrils that hold us together. May we bring the gifts we've garnered during our time on this campus to bear for the greater good of humanity.


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