Eckerd College Commencement
Speeches and Remarks

Miles C. Collier, Chairman of the Eckerd College Board of Trustees

Miles C. CollierPresident Eastman; Dean Chapin; General Petraeus; honorary degree recipients Mrs. Wallace and Dr. Barbas; distinguished faculty, families, and guests, and
Graduates of the Class of 2010:

Yesterday afternoon the Board of Trustees granted the awarding of 594 bachelor's degrees to individuals who have earned their place in the Eckerd College community of scholars.

No other action that is required of the Board of Trustees brings as much pleasure and reward as the granting of degrees each May.

Graduates, you enrolled at Eckerd College as individuals. You graduate today as a class.

In your time at Eckerd you have learned that it is not your individuality that maximized your success – though being able to think critically and act strategically contributed to that – but it was support from your family, your ability to collaborate on a team, your capability to learn with and to be a mentor, that guaranteed achievements once thought beyond your reach.

This graduating class, the largest in the College's history, has over the past four years consistently built on the College's winning record in many areas. And I'm not referring only to athletics, though our intercollegiate athletic teams and our sailors have achieved regional and national recognition.

In venues where academic competition is engaged, your success has kept Eckerd College #1 in the nation in Hollings Scholars, #1 in the Ethics Bowl Southeast Regional Championships, and #1 in SIFE -- that's Students in Free Enterprise -- US regional competition.

All your notable achievements -- whatever the playing field -- resulted because you know how to work in teams.

Knowing that it is teamwork that makes you successful and family that makes you strong, we welcome you now to Team Eckerd, we welcome you now to the Eckerd College family of alumni, in 50 short years, 19,594 strong.

Congratulations and best wishes, Class of 2010!

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