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Commencement 2011


Award Recipients

The Philip J. Lee Honor Award
Eric R. Hammerschmidt

Eric R. HammerschmidtThe Philip J. Lee Honor Award is presented to the senior student whose scholarly achievements at Eckerd College have demonstrated both exceptional accomplishment and superior promise. This years recipient is from St. Petersburg, Florida. He has completed a major in Political Science and was invited to become a member of Phi Beta Kappa. In the fall of 2011 he will be attending William and Mary Law School. The 2011 Phillip J. Lee Honor Award Recipient is Eric R. Hammerschmidt.

The James H. Robinson Award
Daria Lauren Hall

Daria Lauren HallThe James H. Robinson Award is presented to the senior student who, by leadership and example, has contributed significantly to the minority experience at Eckerd College and to a fuller appreciation
of cross-cultural values throughout the whole Eckerd community. This year's recipient is from Newark, New Jersey. Today she will be graduating with a major in history and a minor in creative writing. The 2011 James A. Robinson Award Recipient is Daria Lauren Hall.

The Ronald Wilson Memorial Award
Elizabeth Renihan

Elizabeth RenihanThe Ronald Wilson Memorial Award is presented to a senior student who has made a significant contribution to the College community. This year's recipient is from Fairhope, Alabama and will graduate with a degree in literature. She has received an invitation from Teach for America and will begin her orientation for this two-year teaching position in New Orleans shortly after graduation. The 2011 Ronald Wilson Memorial Award Recipient is Elizabeth Renihan.

The Miller Award
Lauren E. Albritton

Lauren E. AlbrittonThe Miller Award is presented to the senior student whose life activities exemplify the ideal of unselfish and public-spirited service to the community, off campus as well as on campus. This year's recipient is from Lithia, Florida and graduates with a double major in theatre and human development. The 2011 Miller Award Recipient is Lauren E. Albritton.

The Irving G. Foster Award
William Crofton Prescott

William Crofton PrescottThe Irving G. Foster Award recognizes a graduate of the Program for Experienced Learners who demonstrates excellence in overall academic achievement. This year's recipient was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and is graduating with high honors majoring in Humanities. He was awarded honors on his thesis in Humanities. The 2011 Irving G. Foster Award Recipient is William Crofton Prescott.

The David and Blanche Colgan Memorial Prize
Carla Marie Crombie

Carla Marie CrombieThe David and Blanche Colgan Memorial Prize is awarded to a graduate of the Program for Experienced Learners who has demonstrated extraordinary determination and perseverance in achieving a solid academic record and who exemplifies the spirit of life-long learning. This year's recipient is from St. Petersburg and is graduating with high honors with a major in Human Development. The recipient of the 2011 David and Blanche Colgan Memorial Prize is Carla Marie Crombie.

The Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teacher Award
Denise Flaherty

Denise FlahertyThe Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teacher Award emphasizes the primary importance of teaching in the College, recognizes teaching excellence in an individual faculty member, and encourages the pursuit of teaching excellence by the faculty as a whole.

Selection of the recipient by the faculty is based upon the instructor's knowledge of the subject matter and ability to communicate and inspire student enthusiasm about the subject, develop student skills relevant to the subject, stimulate independent thinking and creative approaches, evaluate student progress and achievement, and respond to both individual and group needs and levels of preparation.

The award is made possible by the generosity of a distinguished former member of the College's Board of Trustees, Robert A. Staub, whose concern for excellence in teaching reflects his understanding of and commitment to the central role of faculty members in a liberal arts education.

The Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teacher Award is presented this year to Professor Denise Flaherty.

For your use of innovative teaching strategies to foster student-centered learning;

For your highly effective employment of technology to engage students in classroom learning and current scientific research;

For your mastery in delivering intimate lectures in large classes of Cell Biology and Genetics;

For your skill in working with and nurturing students and your leadership in educating 78 students in your research laboratory, fondly called the "Tox Team";

For your outstanding work in Autumn Term and Western Heritage in a Global Context (WHGC);

For your profound belief in the uniqueness of each individual and his or her capacity for optimal growth and development;

For racing from your car to your office each morning so as not to waste a single moment when you could be teaching or mentoring students;

For your unstinting accessibility and availability to students and colleagues;

And for your sustained commitment to continuous improvement for yourself and for your colleagues in the art and craft of teaching, Eckerd College presents The Robert A. Staub Distinguished Teacher Award to Denise Flaherty, Assistant Professor of Biology.

The John Satterfield Outstanding Mentor Award
Edward T. Grasso

Edward T. GrassoThe John Satterfield Outstanding Mentor Award is named in honor of a beloved member of the founding faculty. This award honors the special and vital role of the mentor in a student's life at Eckerd. The selection of the recipient is based on the impact on students the mentor has had in the areas of academic programming, career planning, and personal growth.

The John Satterfield Outstanding Mentor Award is presented this year to Professor Edward T. Grasso.

For your effective communication and consummate skill in relating to students;

For your gifted listening and your ability to discern innate talents and strengths and guide your students' academic careers;

For your commitment to high expectations grounded in unwavering support;

For your capacity to instill confidence while challenging students to stretch outside their comfort zones;

For your dedication to service-learning as a transformational pedagogy that has lifelong impact on your students and the communities in which they live and serve;

For your passion and enthusiasm as an explorer of cultural diversity;

For your continued guidance and support of your students beyond graduation;

And for your versatility as global guide, navigator and exceptional mentor, Eckerd College presents The John Satterfield Outstanding Mentor Award to Edward T. Grasso, Professor of Decision Sciences.

Commencement 2011 Coverage

Commencement 2011 Coverage

Check out photos, remarks, honorary degree and award recipient information from Commencement 2011.

Commencement 2011

The Commencement of the Class of 2011 of Eckerd College

Sunday, May 22, 2011
8:00 a.m.

South Beach Field Eckerd College