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Commencement 2012


Honorary Degree Recipients

Sylvia Earle

Sylvia EarleFor engaging in research, government service, and leadership of corporate and non-profit organizations with such integrity, compassion and continuing devotion that you are called "Her Deepness" by the New Yorker and New York Times, a "Living Legend" by the Library of Congress, and first "Hero for the Planet" by Time Magazine;

For pioneering scholarship as a field research scientist in the oceans of the world - first leading a team of women aquanauts during the Tektite Project in 1970 and later setting and still holding women's depth records for women's dives and women's solo dives in a submersible - thereby inspiring generations of undergraduate students who wish to follow in your wake;

For not only authoring more than 125 publications on marine science and technology; giving scientific, technical, and general interest lectures in more than 60 countries; and participating in hundreds of television productions; but also for authoring children's books to energize their imagination and ambition;

For dedicating your life to the exploration and protection of the Earth's oceans with such a contagious passion that you attract support from such prestigious sponsors and foundations as the National Geographic Society, the Goldman Foundation, Google Earth and TED;

For protecting as chair of the Advisory Council for the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies the Gulf of Mexico at the shore of our beloved Eckerd College;

And for honoring Eckerd College as our 49th Commencement speaker, thereby creating an everlasting affiliation conveying we share the noble cause of saving and restoring the ocean, which you so aptly and lovingly call "the blue heart of the planet," now therefore, Eckerd College confers on Sylvia Earle the Degree of Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa.

Bernard Osher

Bernard OsherFor your vision, dedication and commitment to improving lives through the support of higher education, lifelong learning and the arts;

For your extraordinary generosity as "the quiet philanthropist" in fostering cultural, fine arts, and educational programs in North America and Sweden;

For your exceptional support of an array of research, education and clinical care programs in integrative medicine at leading universities and to the National Institutes of Health's career development program;

For your distinguished business career that included serving as director of the second largest savings institution in the U.S. and the fourth largest fine art auction house in the world;

For your love of the arts as exemplified by your philanthropy, knowledge  of the arts, passion for opera and election to the National Academy of Arts and Sciences;

For your support of vibrant learning communities of adult learners through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes that are located in every state and serve over 100,000 adults on 117 college campuses;

For your creation and support of the Osher Reentry Scholarship Program that provides opportunities for adult students of academic promise and financial need at 87 colleges in 47 states to return to college to earn baccalaureate degrees;

For your extraordinary and deeply appreciated support of Eckerd College and its Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the Osher Reentry Scholars Program that have affected so many lives in our community, now therefore, Eckerd College confers on Bernard Osher the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa.

Dr. Werner M. Brunnenkant

Dr. Werner BrunnenkantFor the value you place on lifelong learning and continuing education, which is reflected in your career first as a nurse and then as a doctor educated in general medicine, trauma, anesthesiology, homeopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, emergency medicine, aviation medicine, naturopathic treatment, and acupuncture;

For your generosity as a practitioner, which is demonstrated in your pro bono treatment of the homeless temporarily sheltered at a welfare station in Germany and of the monks and nuns residing in a Buddhist monastery in Switzerland;

For your inquisitive and compassionate disposition, which has resulted in your developing an innovative and highly successful approach in the treatment of burn patients;

For your interdisciplinary approach integrating elements of Eastern and Western medicine, which underscores the value of a liberal arts education applied to complex problems in the field of science;

For your philanthropic nature, which resulted in the renovation of a Buddhist monastery in Switzerland as one example, and which serves as a beacon guiding others to find ways to give more of themselves in service to others;

For sharing the values that Eckerd College students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni hold paramount in the lives of educated men and women whose call it is to make this world a better place, now therefore, Eckerd College confers on Werner M. Brunnenkant the Degree of Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa.

Commencement 2012 Coverage

Commencement 2012 Coverage

Check out photos, remarks, honorary degree and award recipient information from Commencement 2012.

Commencement 2012

The Commencement of the Class of 2012 of Eckerd College

Sunday, May 20, 2012
8:00 a.m.

South Beach Field Eckerd College