Commencement 2013


Greetings from the Graduating Class

Elizabeth Tomaselli '13, Residential Graduate

Elizabeth TomaselliTo my fellow classmates, the class of 2013, congratulations. We've made it.

For four years, fewer years for some and maybe more for others, Eckerd College has been our sanctuary. A place where we have been able to challenge our intellect and ability, explore our passions, foster life-long friendships, cultivate our networks and immerse ourselves in a compassionate community of thinkers, dreamers, believers and achievers.

And sometimes it's hard, to think about leaving this sanctuary--and the beach--and moving out into the big world outside. To think about how we can fit into a recovering job market and grow into a career we're passionate about. But when I think about life after Eckerd, the state of the economy, and all of those people who tell us how hard it's going to be, I can't help but think they're underestimating us.

We're a generation of innovators. They call us the tech savvy teens or the digital natives, we don't get stuck in the ways of the past, we embrace change, we run toward it. Think about our social networking. We were the Myspace generation and then we moved on to Facebook and Twitter and mastered those, too. When social media became fair game for employers, we learned how to clean up our Facebook pages and navigate privacy settings. Now we're leveraging Google Plus and Linkedin, too. We adapt. It's what we do, instinctively. And we're not just adaptors and innovators...we're jugglers, too. We were simultaneously doing our history homework and AOL instant messaging in the fourth grade. And now, we can text, send emails and check the New York Times headlines all while walking to class--we could probably squeeze a skype interview somewhere in there also.

Other than our unwavering nostalgia for the 90's, we're a generation of forward thinkers who see hurdles instead of roadblocks. We embrace change and we do it optimistically--and quickly. And we're already reshaping our world and the way it operates. If anyone is even remotely prepared to take on the challenges facing our economy, our world and our generation... it's us. We are one impressive generation and there's not a doubt in my mind that we are prepared to go out into this world, armed with our liberal arts degrees and the rallying support from this innovative and compassionate community we've called home, and find a place where we can make a difference, because we already have.

So embrace changes, run toward them. Let's go out and do the things we love and remember fondly the four years where we became the kind of passionate dreamers, believers and forward thinking innovators that Eckerd helps us become.

Congratulations class of 2013, we did it!

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Commencement 2013

The Commencement of the Class of 2013 of Eckerd College
Sunday, May 19, 2013
8:00 a.m.

South Beach Field