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Commencement 2014


President's Welcome

Dr. Donald R. Eastman III, President of Eckerd College

Members of the Class of 2014:

This commencement ceremony, like everything else at Eckerd College, is arranged to be an educational event in your undergraduate experience. Today, the College will again display its values by what it honors and whom it honors.

Commencement is not simply about receiving a diploma – though it is surely about that. Commencement is also about telling the story anew about the institution from which the diploma has been earned, and about the class it graduates.

Let us begin by thanking the Board of Trustees for all they have done to build this outstanding college in the liberal arts tradition and for their unstinting, unswerving support.

Will the trustees who have joined us today please stand and be recognized?

We also welcome and thank the other distinguished members of the platform party for their participation in today’s ceremony.

Thank you to our Commencement speaker,
Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry; the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Miles Collier of Naples; and my colleagues: Dean of Faculty, Suzan Harrison; and Dean of Students, Jim Annarelli.

Let me now ask the distinguished and dedicated men and women of the Eckerd College faculty – the embodiment of Eckerd College – to stand as we thank you for the labor and devotion that has made this day possible.

It is a privilege for me to serve this faculty; and an honor to be a colleague to the great staff of Eckerd College, who work, every day, with grace and skill, and at a very high standard.

Please join me in thanking my colleagues of the Eckerd College staff – groundskeepers, housekeepers, food service staff, student life, finance, admissions, special programs, and advancement for their service and support of the Class of 2014.

This day would not be possible without the support – emotional, spiritual and financial – of the families of those who graduate today: grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, husbands and wives and children.

Will the family members of our students please stand so we may recognize and applaud your love and support?

Finally, let me introduce my wife, Christine: The College has no greater advocate and volunteer. She extends to each of you her congratulations and best wishes: Christine.

Eckerd College Class of 2014:

You students who graduate today have not only excelled academically, but have also volunteered as teachers in schools from St. Petersburg to Cape Town; you have climbed the Colca Canyon in Peru and witnessed the glories of Machupichu; you have carried out service projects all over Tampa Bay and in Nicaragua, Myanmar, Ethiopia, and dozens of other countries; each year you have carried out hundreds of rescues at sea through EC-SAR and responded compassionately to medical emergencies through EC-ERT; you have won Fulbright Fellowships and Hollings Scholarships – and so much more.

You will soon begin careers in a challenged world, a world in great need of your talent and knowledge and energy.

You leave here to conduct research all over the world; to address social, political and environmental challenges; to attend law school and medical school and theology school.

You will become engineers, teachers, businessmen and women, oceanographers, counselors, artists and scientists; you will attend superb graduate schools in dozens of disciplines; and you will take leadership positions in your jobs and in your communities.

At the end of this ceremony, you will march off to show the world that Eckerd College changes lives, and Eckerd College graduates change the world:

Class of 2014, please stand so we can recognize your achievement and your promise.

Thank you.

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