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Commencement 2014


Greetings from the Graduating Class

Kevin Duane Johnson '14, Program for Experienced Learners Graduate

President Eastman, Dean Harrison, honored trustees, distinguished faculty, alumni, family, friends, and fellow graduates: On behalf of the Program for Experienced Learners, welcome to the 2014 Eckerd College Commencement.

When we, the students of PEL, chose to complete our education, we decided that instead of pursuing a degree online in the comfort of our living rooms, we would earn our bachelor’s degrees in the challenging classrooms of a distinguished, liberal arts college.  

Like all Eckerd students, we explored Plato’s cave and travelled through Haiti with Kidder; only we contemplated these texts while watching our daughters’ Taekwondo classes or listening to our son practice his tuba solo.

We pondered the scarcity of goods and services; only we plotted deviations and graphed outliers over lunch, at our desks, in our offices.

We deconstructed global warming with McKibben; only we reconsidered our place in the world while racing to hit a fast food drive-thru and still get to class on time.

But that is why we chose the PEL program: Because we wanted more than a degree; we wanted an education. We wanted an alma mater of which we could be proud.

So for offering adult students the opportunity for a traditional, liberal arts education, we offer you our sincerest gratitude.

Through our experiences at Eckerd College we developed an international perspective, and yet we remain residents of the Tampa Bay Area. We are better for what we have learned, and we are ready to give back.   

Congratulations to all our graduates.

Commencement 2014 Recap

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Raising of the Tent

Raising the Commencement tent for 2014, the largest of its kind in Florida.