Transfer Course Credit Inquiry

If you are considering transferring to Eckerd College and are curious about credit for courses taken at other schools, please fill out this form. This form is designed for students interested in enrolling in the traditional undergraduate program. This program is for students under 25 years of age who plan to enroll full time in courses held mostly during the day. If you are interested in the Program for Experienced Learning (PEL), which is designed for adult students 23 years of age and older with classes held in the evenings and on weekends, please call the office at 727-864-8226.

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Personal Information


Course Information

Include all coursework you will have completed before the date you expect to enter Eckerd. When listing course titles, please be specific, for example, "The Old South: 1607-1865".

List the courses in chronological order beginning with the earliest completed coursework and ending with the courses most recently completed or in progress. Remember to specify in the "Credit Hours" column whether course values are awarded in "semester hours," "quarter hours" or "units" (e.g., 3 semester hours, 5 quarter hours, 1 unit, etc.)

Please feel free to use the "Comments" box at the bottom if there is any other information you'd like to include.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Data
ID College/University Course # Course Title Department Term/Year Credit Hours Grade

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