Convocation 2005
Convocation 2005

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Craig Altemose
President, ECOS
September 7, 2005

My Friends:

Welcome to the start of the 46th Academic School Year of Eckerd College. When Eckerd College came into this world, it was not the school you see today. It was a different college of a different name. It had no Western Heritage in a Global Context, no Academy of Senior Professionals, no Autumn Term, no Winter Term, no ECSAR, no London Study Center, and most tragically, no ECOS.

These were all the creations of pioneers. These once crazy ideas are now the things we treasure most and proudly display on every admissions brochure.

Yet fifty years ago, Eckerd College itself was but a dream. These ideas were lying dormant in the minds of their creators, waiting for the right opportunity to surface. No one then would have been able to predict how Eckerd College would be today. Nor can we any more accurately predict how Eckerd College will be tomorrow. The future is a vast unknown, filled with mystery and wonder.

Yet while we cannot know the future, that does not mean we cannot impact it. The challenge that falls to us is to take the gift of the present and make this year a historic one. Let us look ahead together at the open-ended future and decide to put our mark on it. Let us leave behind at the end of this year big, exciting ideas that will outlast even the towering pile of dirt lovingly referred to as Mount Eckerd.

We at ECOS are determined to do our part to make this year one to never forget. We are in the last stages of constructing a new constitution, which has increased the efficiency and transparency of our government and expanded its responsibilities.

We have developed a website for you, the students, to be found at Amongst the many treasures to be found include a constantly updated calendar of events, ways to get involved, information on clubs, and ways to contact your servant-leaders, with much more on the way.

We are determined to make sure that you are aware of every opportunity that lies before you, so that you in turn can provide countless more opportunities for the rest of us.

Our community television station, EC-TV, will begin broadcasting your productions. Alongside Hollywood blockbusters, Channel 2 will soon display Triton athletic events, Palmetto concerts and comedians, CPS events, and most excitingly, your own student-produced movies and tv shows. Channel 7 will serve as a regularly updated news bulletin, informing you of all the exciting events on campus.

Our community radio station, WECX, is now broadcasting across campus, to be heard on 99.9 FM. Soon it will find a home on the internet, where it can be heard from the comfort of computers in dorm rooms, as well as in the homes of prospective students, alumni, and families.

Palmetto Productions is eager to hear new and exciting ideas from you, the students, and awaits your input with renewed vigor. They have been granted no less than $100,000 to provide for your entertainment needs. Take advantage of their open attitude and tell them what you want to see.

The ECOS Student Senate is proud to welcome its four Freshman Senators, and is ready to fulfill the responsibilities and duties the new constitution will grant it.

Starting next week, the St. Petersburg Times will join our own Triton newspaper in educating the student population. 100 free copies of the St. Pete Times will be delivered daily outside the cafeteria and by the mailboxes for you, the students.

Finally, the Executive Council of ECOS is trying hard to serve you and represent you. These are but a handful of the new and exciting things we hope to offer you this semester. But these are our ideas. We need to hear yours. We can do nothing without you. I hope you will make yourselves at home in our office, sharing the ideas of today that will become the fluff of speeches tomorrow.

We look forward to working with all of you over the next year. Stand tall, stand proud, and think big. Welcome home.

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