Convocation 2005
Convocation 2005

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Staff Member of the Year
September 7, 2005

This year's recipient is the mainstay for one of the College's largest and most complex divisions. She is the personal secretary for over 20 faculty members, and keeps the divisional office and the faculty functioning efficiently and very productively. She supports the faculty with a smile, and happily answers questions from a steady stream of students.

By being a Banner "Power User," the recipient competently keeps track of the large, complicated and dynamic divisional budget, making sure that the Chair of the division does not overspend. She also provides Banner support to others who use the system.

Our recipient is noted for taking great pride in the campus, and the College itself, and has worked diligently and persistently to pursue physical plan issues that need attention. She makes sure that the office of every new faculty member is in tip-top shape before that person arrives on campus. And if this requires a little direct maintenance here and there, our recipient has been known to do this herself.

Our recipient is a tremendous asset of Eckerd College, the go-to person in her division. It is difficult to imagine how the Collegium of Natural Sciences could function without her.

Please join me in saluting the Eckerd Staff Member of the Year: Roberta McKendry.

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