Convocation 2006
Convocation 2006

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Mona Bagasao
Director of Religious Life and Chaplain
September 6, 2006

(sing) The answer my friend is Blowin in the wind

If this is the case then let us pray, even during hurricane season, for wind.

A gentle wind that will nestle us into community.

A stinging wind that will scrape us till all bias and hatred and laziness and stubbornness is stripped away.

A searing wind that will pierce even aluminum mind protectors.

A mighty wind that will strengthen us into courage.

A hot wind that will kindle us into passion.

A holy wind that will polish our potential into our true selves.

A persistent wind that will stay with us until we recognize that... the wind - It's us.

The answer is blowing in us, and we are the winds of change... fueled by the breath of God who created us, redeems and sustains us.


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