Convocation 2006
Convocation 2006

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The Lloyd W. Chapin Award
Excellence in Scholarship

September 6, 2006

The Lloyd W. Chapin Award for Excellence in Scholarship is named in honor of the college's current academic dean. This award is also endowed by a generous gift from a couple with close ties to the college and who wish to remain anonymous. Its purpose is to honor individual faculty members whose scholarship has made a significant contribution to the field in which they work. The recipient receives a citation and a check.

For the publication of five critically acclaimed novels;

For the successful creation in these novels of five different worlds each peopled with complex characters who engage us and teach us truths about our lives;

For appealing successfully, not to a known audience of fellow scholars and critics, but to that amorphic, anonymous group called the reading public;

For consistently maintaining serious artistic standards as you address that public;

For insisting on the same seriousness of artistic purpose in your teaching of the writer's craft to generations of students;

For your full, loyal and productive engagement in the community life of your alma mater as student, faculty member, administrator and creator of programs;

And for the historic feat of receiving the Bevan and Chapin awards simultaneously,


The Lloyd W. Chapin Award
Excellence in Scholarship


Professor of Literature and Creative Writing

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