Convocation 2007
Convocation 2007

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Mona BagasaoMona Bagasao
Director of Religious Life and Chaplain
September 5, 2007

What do I say, what do we say, really at the beginning of the year?

What do we say when we open our eyes to a perfect Florida day, before the humidity arrives, and realize it's the first day of class and we are so ready, but then it turns out we're not? Thanks be to God for the courage we'll need for these early days.

What do say when we look out at this sea of faces for whom there are no names or stories but with whom we share a bathroom? Thanks be to God for the challenge and hope of new friends, the risk of community.

What do we say when we lift our eyes to the "hills" and the new double wide trailer office, to the expanded space over here, the disappeared space over here, the "I move back into my room when the repairs are done" space over there? Thanks be to God for the double-edged gifts of history and progress, memory and promise.

What do we say about 50th anniversaries, about civility and symbols and bigendered gastropods tangoing? About Crazy Ones who change the world or benefactors whi change our lives? About awards with plaques AND checks, about our wanton, selfish gladness? What do we say?

Maybe nothing will do.
Maybe Nothing will do.


With thanks to Jan Fuller Carruthers.

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