Convocation 2008
Convocation 2008

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Mona BagasaoMona Bagasao
Director of Religious Life and Chaplain
September 3, 2008

50 years.

The men and women, faculty, staff and trustees and their spouses who founded Florida Presbyterian College, now Eckerd College, worshipped a God who had special ideas about 50th years.

Shanat Yobel it was called - the Year of Jubilee. It was a time to correct past injustices, heal old wounds, reaffirm commitments, relight flickering flames.

Today, I ask God's blessings on all of us with Shanat Yobel in mind.  But not only a year of correcting injustices, healing wounds and lighting flames...

I pray for us a year of making memories that will be joyful memories 50 years from now; for a year of learning and unlearning, a year of taking risks.

May we find passion in one another's eyes. May it be a year of hopefilled beginnings, as many as we need. May we have a year of fulfillment and Jubilee as we begin again again.


With thanks to Bruce Coriell

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