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Convocation 2008

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Mark H. DavisThe Lloyd W. Chapin Award
Excellence in Scholarship and the Arts

September 3, 2008

The Lloyd W. Chapin Award for Excellence in Scholarship is named in honor of the college's current academic dean.  This award is also endowed by a generous gift from a couple with close ties to the college and who wish to remain anonymous.  Its purpose is to honor individual faculty members whose scholarship or creative art have made a significant contribution to the field in which they work.  The recipient receives a citation and a check.

I am very pleased to announce that the recipient this year is Professor Mark H. Davis.

For your steady stream of scholarly presentations and publications in social psychology for the last 30 years;

For your international reputation as an expert on the subject of empathy as evidenced by over one thousand citations of your work on the Google Scholar website;

For serving as consulting editor for the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and as editor of Annual Editions: Social Psychology;

For writing as a reviewer for 26 different scholarly journals;

For the publication of two books:  Empathy and Test Your EQ: Find Out How Emotionally Intelligent You Are;

For co-authoring the Conflict Dynamics Profile, a measure for assessing conflict behavior in individuals, now in increasing use in executive leadership training around the world;

And for making your scholarship a source of enlightenment and inspiration to your students, many of whom have gone on to pursue graduate study and academic careers, and all of whom revere you as teacher and mentor,

Eckerd College presents the Lloyd W. Chapin Award for Excellence in Scholarship to Mark H. Davis, Professor of Psychology.

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