Convocation 2009
Convocation 2009

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Mona BagasaoMona Bagasao
Director of Religious Life and Chaplain
September 2, 2009

As we begin this 50th anniversary year, I pray for us all that the creator of the universe continue to grant us sand to burn our feet, stars to count, the perfect scent of orange blossoms and the roar of the ocean. May that same creator find in us all the commitment to hold these things precious, to use them with wisdom.

May the one who is beyond time grant us enough minutes to get to Fox hall for the Heritage lecture before the doors are locked; enough days to finish that paper, whether writing or grading
enough moments to consider who we are and why we are even as we learn more and more about what is.

May the author of achievement grant us enough successes that we know we are valuable, but not so many that we begin to think we are invaluable, Mark Davis.

May the Spirit of comfort hold Professor Brunello closely as he learns that a Neiman-Marcus bag and the wealth it implies will not give him peace and joy, even if it does help get him laughs.

May the Alpha and the Omega lead us boldly into our 50th year newnesses, and then stand with us as some of the things we love leave us.

Go in peace. Amen.

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