Convocation 2009
Convocation 2009

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David D. GroveThe John M. Bevan Award
Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award

September 2, 2009

The John M. Bevan Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award is named in honor of the College's founding academic dean. The purpose of the award is to honor individual faculty members for nurturing a campus climate that fosters teaching at its best. The recipient receives a citation and a check.

For a decade of outstanding leadership as Chair of the Collegium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics;

For holding high standards in the appointment and evaluation of the Collegium's faculty and staff;

For steadfastly supporting the Collegium's varied and extensive research by faculty and students;

For taking the lead in ensuring that the College's science facilities meet the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration;

For serving as the College's primary instructor in organic chemistry, and for constantly seeking ways to improve the learning experience for your students;

For being a model of campus citizenship through your involvement in the College's interdisciplinary general education program and support for student community standards;

And for your key role in identifying the needs and developing the vision for the molecular and life sciences building which has become the priority for the capital campaign,

Eckerd College presents the John M. Bevan Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award to David D. Grove, Professor of Chemistry

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