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Specialized Housing Accommodation Requests

Requesting specialized housing accommodations due to a disability involves planning and careful consideration.  All housing requests are reviewed by the Specialized Housing Accommodation Review Group in accordance with Accessible Education Services' guidelines.  All Eckerd College students living in residence halls are expected to follow housing policies and procedures developed by the Housing Office and Division of Student Affairs, available by clicking here.  As students consider their intention to request specialized housing, they should be aware of their responsibilities as outlined in the Room Draw Guidelines Book, EC-Book and the Housing Agreement.

Specialized housing accommodations are not granted to accommodate a specific diagnostic condition or label, but the documented impact of a disability.  Consequently, sometimes a medical condition may reach the level of needing accommodations and other times will not. 

Current students who do not have a specialized housing accommodation, but wish to request an accommodation for Fall Semester, 2014 must submit a Specialized Housing Accommodation Request for Current and Incoming Students without Accommodations to Accessible Education Services (in Edmundson Hall, via fax to 727-864-8323 or via email to aes@eckerd.edu) no later than 5:00pm Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Requests will not be reviewed by the Specialized Housing Accommodation Review Group until supporting documentation is received from a treating medical or psychological provider.  Requests received after April 9, 2014, for the Fall 2014 Semester will be reviewed and, if approved, granted on a space available basis.  For example, if a single housing accommodation is received and approved by the Review Group after the date specified, the student with the accommodation will be prioritized on the singles waiting list. 

Incoming students requesting a specialized housing accommodation for the 2014-15 academic year must submit a Specialized Housing Accommodation Request for Current and Incoming Students without Accommodations to the Accessible Education Services (via fax to 727-864-8323 or via email to aes@eckerd.edu) no later than May 30, 2014, for the Fall Semester.  Supporting documentation is required with the request by the posted deadline.  Students who make their final decision to attend Eckerd College after this date, and wish to request specialized housing, must contact the Office of Counseling & Accessible Education Services within one week of submitting their deposit to the Admissions Office.

Accessible Education Services

Eckerd College is devoted to providing support services that enable students with disabilities to participate in, and benefit from, all College programs and activities. Eckerd College has placed Accessible Education Services (formerly Disability Support Services) in Counseling Services to ensure that otherwise-qualified individuals with disabilities are protected from discrimination in the educational setting.