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Career Development Timeline

The 4 year plan at Eckerd

Eckerd's Career Planning team will accompany you every step of the way as you embark on this journey of personal exploration. Our office is committed to offering you informative and interesting programs each semester and we also encourage our students to submit ideas for programs they'd like to see us facilitate in the future via our anonymous suggestion box. At Eckerd College, we believe that personal and professional growth is an ongoing process and therefore look forward to working with you as your vocational interests, skills and values evolve!

First Year - The World is your oyster

Be ahead of the game and start thinking about your career options. Visiting Career Services at this early stage will help you draft a career map that's just right for you.

  • Register for Linkedin and for EC profile
    It's never too early to understand the importance of networking and building relationships. Attend a Linkedin workshop for more information on both your EC profile and Linkedin.
  • Service Learning
    Experiential learning gained through service, volunteerism, activism and/or internships is critical to your growth, critical thinking skills and marketability. Become familiar with all of the options that exist for community involvement by visiting the Service Learning office. Spring Break trips to Iceland, Costa Rica and Ethiopia or weekend commitments at soup kitchens, assisted living facilities and organic gardens are just a few ways for you to becoming more actively involved.
  • Build a Strong Resume
    Build a strong resume by getting involved- join a club, volunteer or use your entrepreneurial spirit to start your own group! Then, familiarize yourself with our office to help refine that resume and include all of the great activities you've just signed up for!

Sophomore Year - Exploration & Development

Focus your interests and start considering potential opportunities and skill sets. With a personalized approach to coaching, the Career office can help you begin exploring horizons and developing an understanding of what opportunities may be the right choice for you.

  • Update and/or create your online profile
    If you haven't yet created your online profile, you should do so now. Maintaining an updated profile every time you change your major, receive an award, or present at a conference is important and saves you time in the long run. Don't miss out on opportunities with an outdated profile!
    Need access to our online account system? Activate your account by signing up online and/or contacting the Career Services for more information on how to access hundreds of internships and jobs (locally and nationally).
  • Choose your Major and draft your Career Map
    Trying to decide on your major or what opportunities may exist for the majors offered at Eckerd? Visit the Career Services office to speak with a trained professional, or make an appointment with your Mentor to understand the many directions available to you as an EC student.
    As a first step, we recommend you take advantage of a valuable resource offered to you for free, through the Career Services office. The I-strong personal inventory and the MBTI assessment have been helping students and professionals for decades. The only downside is not trying it at all!
  • Search for Internships
    Employers want to see work experience on your resume and this summer is the perfect time to intern in a field that interests you! Check out your options now to make sure you have plenty of time to apply. Opportunities are posted on our website and are sent out weekly via the internship email blast and the job email blast.
  • Explore + Develop = Building a stronger YOU while strengthening your Resume
    The more experiences you have, the more knowledge you gain, the larger your network is, the more marketable you become! Take time to invest in YOU. Get involved on campus and take on leadership roles that make you stand out. Seek out volunteer opportunities and service opportunities through the Office of Service Learning.
    Remember, you will need a polished resume for any job you apply to, so stop by our daily resume reviews where we can help you perfect your resume! Building a strong resume is key to demonstrating your unique skills and work experience to employers.
  • Prepare for Interviews
    After your resume gets your foot in the door, we encourage you to set up a mock-interview with a member of the Career Services team. Practice does make perfect and you never have a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Additional Resources
    To get the real scoop on various career paths, set up an informational interview with an EC grad or an ASPEC member. Contact Career Services for more information!

Junior Year - Drafting a career-map, contemplating grad-school, defining your interests and priorities

Take action and pursue an internship or explore graduate schools. Attending our Graduate School Fair in the fall, may be a good event to keep on your radar. Additionally, Career Services will provide networking workshops, resume workshops and a myriad of guest speakers to help you polish your professional skills and determine your priorities and uncover your interests.

  • Study Abroad
    Many students choose to study abroad during their time at Eckerd. Living overseas offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn about yourself, about a new culture, and interact with individuals you may not otherwise have a chance to meet. If you're considering a trip abroad, you can do so through our semester abroad programs and/or through our Winter term abroad programs.
  • Update your online profile through our website
    Remember to update your EC profile in the event you change your major or career preference. Updating your profile will help us keep track of your interests and will save you time in the long run. After all, you never want to miss out on opportunities with an old profile!
  • North-South-East-West, which direction is the right direction?
    At this time, most of your major course work is well underway, so it's time to begin thinking about options for the future. Explore your values, interests, skills, and personality through our recommended self-assessments (I-strong and MBTI). If you know your intended career path, taking one of our assessments may help confirm your decision, or teach you more about your underlying passions. Talking through and knowing your options is always a good idea, so be sure to pop into the Career Services office to speak with a trained professional.
  • Prepare for your Internship Search
    Get your internship search materials ready to impress potential employers.
    • Draft, update and refine your resume, so that it's ready to be sent out, before the deadline!
    • Prepare for face-to-face interviews by attending one of our mock-interview workshops or by making a one-on-one appointment for a mock-interview with a member of the Career Services team.
    • Build your professional network by creating an online profile via Linkedin. Then, start making connections.
    • Make a list of everyone in your network (friends, family, professors, and acquaintances) then highlight individuals that may already be in, and/or connected to your field of interest. Don't be afraid to reach out to the individuals you've identified. Most people love lending a helping hand.
    If you focus on strengthening your resume, networking and mastering the art of interviewing will help you prepare to tackle Senior year, head on.
  • Search for Internships
    In order to position yourself in a competitive market, you must have an interesting internship this summer. Remember, the experience is what matters most, so your main concern is finding an opportunity that lends itself to your experiential learning. Hands-on experience is what employers are counting on, prior to being hired into your first role. Be on the look out for our weekly job blast and weekly internship blast, too!
  • Investigate Graduate School
    Thinking about graduate school? Check out Petersons.com for extensive information about graduate programs or contact your mentor about possible graduate school plans that will be a good match for you.

Senior Year - Implementation & Transition

Take advantage of many career services opportunities and realize your professional goals. Career Services will introduce you to alumni in varied industries and will provide internship and full time opportunities weekly, in our email blast, through our website and via your favorite social medium (facebook, pinterest, linkedin).

  • Update Your Profile/Resume
    Does your EC profile have your most current information and updated resume? Review your profile to double check and make sure your career interests and geographic preferences are right. Be on the look out for the email blasts that are sent weekly from our office as the opportunities are always being updated.
  • Find your Direction
    Don't worry if you haven't yet determined what career path(s) may interest you, our office provides tools and resources to help you create your own road map. First step, take our recommended self-assessments, I-strong personal inventory or the MBTI. And even if you know your intended career path, taking one of our assessments may help to confirm your decision. Once your assessment is complete, begin exploring possible career paths and learning information about careers and industries that could interest you by meeting with a Career Counselor and discussing your options.
  • Prepare for your Job Search
    Place your job search into gear! Do you have all the necessary materials ready?
    • Make sure your resume/CV is refined and ready to roll.
    • Prepare for face-to-face interviews by attending one of our Mock-Interview workshops and/or by scheduling a one-on-one meeting with a member of the Career Services office. Remember, practice makes perfect!
    • Build your professional network by creating a linkedin profile, an online portfolio and by setting up informational sessions with people in your targeted graduate schools, industries and/or  organizations.
  • Apply for Jobs
    Once you've done your research and honed your job search skills and materials, it's time to start applying for jobs. Opportunities are sent out weekly, posted throughout the year on our website, and highlighted on our facebook page. Be on the look out! You never know when your dream job will surface.
  • Networking
    It's all about what you know + who you know. Did you know that networking is the top source of jobs? Attend career events and see a member of the Career Services team to hone your networking skills and identify unique opportunities.
  • Plan for Post-Graduation
    Everyone's map is unique, and our team is here to help you navigate your plan in a personalized way. If full-time employment isn't your first choice for post-graduate life, you may want to consider graduate school, working abroad or volunteering. Petersons.com is a great resource for the best online information about graduate schools and popping into the office to speak with someone about additional opportunities that may exist is always highly encouraged.

Internships Spotlight

  • FIS, St. Petersburg, FL
    Summer Management Intern
  • Disney Worldwide Services, Lake Buena Vista, FL
    WDW Assistive Technology Professional Internship: Summer 2014
  • University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
    (REU) Program: Models in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics
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Jobs Spotlight

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Internship Referrals

Parent Council Members, Parents, Trustees, Alumni, Staff, and other friends of Eckerd College, if you have an internship you want us to pursue and share with Eckerd students and alumni please complete our Internship Referral Form. Career Services will follow-up with you or the contact you designate on the form to confirm the opportunity details.

NOTE: If you are the Employer offering the internship, please register and enter your opportunity on Triton Track.