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Center for Career Planning and Applied Learning

Center for Applied Liberal Arts

Glossary of Terms

Career Services assists students to find jobs and internships and also aids students with resume preparation, interviewing skills, and job choice and search strategies. Career Services will assist with student employment, with companies that pertain to each student’s major or interest. Career Services networks with organizations to establish relationships which will continue to allow students to remain at the organization year after year.

Co-Curricular – Along with an exceptionally strong academic program, the co-curricular program adds experience and a valuable dimension to the student’s education outside the classroom. Through participating in volunteer service projects, internships, and extracurricular activities, students become valuable community members whose future lives will be characterized by leadership and service.

Community Service- is time volunteered which benefits a community or its non-profit institutions.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) – is a personal history of one’s education, professional history and job qualifications with a strong emphasis on specific skills relating to the position being applied for.

Directed Study- coursework that is completed outside the classroom. Extensive reading and writing are required in directed study courses and work is done independently and submitted to the faculty member supervising the course.

Independent Study- is designed by a student in consultation with the professor who is to supervise and evaluate the work. An academic contract, drawn in advance, specifies the subject and method of inquiry, the texts, the purpose of the projects, and the basis of evaluation and credit. Each contract must be approved by the Associate Dean of Faculty Suzan Harrison.

International Work Study- These are international students who qualify for work study they may work in any on campus job but they may not work more than 20 hours a week.

Internships An internship is defined as a pre-professional hands-on experience in an area in which the student has achieved some measure of competence or interest.

  • Credit-Bearing Internship – This is field experience that requires an academic contract and the approval and sponsorship of a faculty member.
  • Experiential Internship This is field experience for the sake of learning to build resumes. This can also be pursued as a co-curricular or volunteer activity.

Resume – a brief account of one’s professional or work experience and qualifications. Often submitted with an employment application.

Service-Learning Defined- “Service-Learning [is] any carefully monitored service experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience. Service learning programs emphasize the accomplishment of tasks that address community issues and include features which foster participant’s learning about larger social issues and an understanding of the reciprocal learning and service which can occur between students and community members.” (http://www.nsee.org/).

The Office of Service-Learning offers diverse opportunities for individuals and student groups to get involved in human services and other forms of advocacy, as well as assist faculty members with integrating community service projects into their academic courses. The office coordinates service opportunities, co-sponsors special events, implements the community service work-study program, and coordinates alternative spring breaks.

Study Abroad fosters the personal development of students and furthers cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of issues of concern to the global community. Eckerd College offers a variety of overseas programs, including short terms in the winter and summer, and a full year or semester programs for students in almost every major.

Student Assistant- on campus work that is not budgeted by Financial Aid but paid by an office budget. A student assistant is under close supervision and in a learner capacity, to assist in the performance of the duties required by the departmental assignment. (www.dpa.ca.gov/textdocs/specs/s4/s4870.txt)

Work Study (WS) - is a Federal program funded by the U.S. Department of Education with some matching funds from Eckerd College. Eckerd College administers the FWSP in accordance with Federal regulations. This allows financial aid students to work on campus.

"In coordinating Service-Learning, Career Services and Community Initiatives, the Center provides students with transformative experiences so that they can transform the world."

--Andrew Black, Associate Dean

"As a Lead Intern for the Midtown Project, I expanded my leadership skills into the business management world by shepherding relations with Eckerd students and small business owners in St. Petersburg-an experience I will be able bring into any professional situation. As an Environmental Studies major, I have had little classroom training about business management, however this opportunity gave me so much insight into efficiency, organization, administration, and general people skills.

Haley Burger, Eckerd College, Class of 2016

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The Center for Career Planning and Applied Learning is the office on campus that connects all of the off-campus and experiential learning opportunities aimed at enhancing students’ academic and personal development, and bridging their transition from college to graduate study or employment.

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