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Dr. Zachary Dobbins
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric
Grants & Fellowships Faculty Advisor

4200 54th Avenue South
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Cooke Application Checklist

Before the campus deadline, you should submit the following to the Cooke faculty representative:

1) A completed application form

2) Completed financial information forms

3) Completed financial attachments (as described on the financial forms)

4) An acceptance letter from Graduate school (if possible) and any financial awards

5) A resume or curriculum vita

6) A portfolio for applicants in the arts(optional)

If possible, before the campus deadline you should also submit two letters of recommendation and transcripts for all undergraduate institutions attended. Your application will be considered by the campus committee without these materials, but it will not be endorsed or forwarded to the national level before these are submitted.

When your application is complete, the faculty representative will attach an Institution Nomination Form as well as a “Nomination Rationale.”