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Goldwater Scholarships: Applying Through Eckerd

Application information and all forms are available on the national Goldwater Scholarship website. Eckerd College conducts a preliminary internal competition to select up to four students to represent the College. Please notify the Graduate Fellowship Advisor as early in the fall semester as possible if you intend to enter this preliminary competition. Read over the information provided on the national website, complete the two items listed below from the on-line application, and then provide the campus representative with a hard copy of each of the following by November 1st:

  1. Responses to the following portions of the on-line Goldwater Application:
    * Schooling, item #22 (“Awards, Honors, and/or Scholarships”)
    * Programs and Activities, item #1 (“Research Activities”)
  2. An unofficial Eckerd College transcript
  3. Unofficial transcripts from any colleges or universities attended other than Eckerd
  4. The research essay (see below)
  5. The names of three persons from whom the applicant will request letters of recommendation if selected

Confirmation of receipt of student materials will be made via email within one week, and all students will be notified about the status of their applications by December 1st. At that point, selected students will complete the remaining portions of the on-line application, secure official copies of all college transcripts, fine-tune the research essay, and notify their references that they will need letters of recommendation.

We strongly suggest that applicants solicit feedback from the mentor, research adviser, or another professional in preparing the essay. Contact the campus representative if you would like help in identifying someone who can assist with this. Examples of essays from Eckerd Goldwater Scholars can be found here.

The essay should be typed in 2-column format, confined to two pages (one side only), and typed in no smaller than 11-point font. A bibliography and illustrations (if appropriate) should be included. The essay should discuss a significant issue or problem in the student’s field of study that is of particular interest to the student. It must include a description of the issue or problem, and discussion of an idea for research that would have significant impact on the issue or problem. It should describe an aspect of the research in which the student would be involved, and explain the relevance of the issue or problem to the student as a mathematician, scientist, or engineer. The student should assume the reader is knowledgeable in mathematics, science, and engineering and capable of understanding the complexities of the student’s field of specialty. If the essay involves research in which the student was involved, he/she should indicate if they were the sole researcher or if they collaborated with another individual. The essay must include at the top of each page: the student’s name, Eckerd College, and the student’s signature.