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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program provides an opportunity for 10-12 students who desire careers in international affairs to have a substantive one-year working experience in Washington, D.C. Junior Fellows provide research assistance to scholars working on Carnegie Endowment programs. Applicants must be graduating seniors or students who have completed their bachelor's degree within the past academic year. No one will be considered who has started graduate studies (except those who have recently completed a joint masters/bachelors program). Application materials must be coordinated through the Graduate Fellowship Advisor. Eckerd College can nominate a maximum of two students per year for this fellowship.

Application Materials

Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: More Information

Cooke Foundation

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers up to 30 scholarships for college seniors or recent graduates to attend graduate programs. The scholarship awards will pay for tuition, room and board, books, and other required fees for the length of the graduate degree program – up to six years. To be eligible, students must be nominated by the designated faculty representative. Up to two current seniors or recent graduates may be nominated from Eckerd College each year. National consideration will be based on a number of factors, including: academic ability and achievement, unmet financial need, and appreciation for participation in the arts and humanities.

Campus Deadline: late January
Cooke deadline: mid-March

Information for students interested in being nominated:
Applying for Cooke through Eckerd

Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: http://www.jackkentcookefoundation.org/

Fulbright Scholar

The Fulbright is a research grant administered by the Institute of International Education. In 2008, the Fulbright Scholar Program awarded over 6,500 grant to students and academic professionals for the purpose of teaching and research in more than 130 countries, and to their foreign counterparts to engage in similar activities in the United States. A Fulbright grant may be used for study or research abroad, including scholarly research, study leading to a degree, thesis, or dissertation, or for performance study. Proficiency in the host country's language is usually important and makes the candidate significantly more competitive, but some grants are given for study in nations without a language requirement.

Candidates must be American citizens and must have received most of their education in the U.S. Senior undergraduates are eligible to compete for two kinds of grants: the traditional research grant or the English Teaching Assistantship (ETA).

September 21

Additional Resources:
Fulbright FAQ
Fulbright FAQ (pdf)
Fulbright Timeline
Fulbright Timeline (pdf)
Sample Letter to Potential Host (pdf)
Sample Letter of Invitation (pdf)

Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: More Information

Goldwater Scholarship

The Goldwater Scholarship is the country’s most prestigious award for undergraduate science students. Established by Congress in 1986, the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation provides scholarships to undergraduate students for study in mathematics, engineering and the natural sciences. Eckerd College may nominate up to four sophomores and juniors to compete in the national competition for awards to be used in the junior and senior years. The scholarship covers tuition, fees, books, and room and board for up to $7500 per year. Candidates must be U.S. citizens, nationals or resident aliens who expect to pursue advanced degrees. Students who intend to study medicine are eligible only if they plan a career in research rather than in private medical practice. Goldwater winners typically have outstanding academic records and significant previous research experience.

Campus Deadline:
November 1

Information for students interested in being nominated:
Applying through Eckerd

Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: http://www.act.org/goldwater

Marshall Scholarship

The British Government established these scholarships in 1953 in honor of General George C. Marshall, the U.S. Secretary of State responsible for the European Recovery Program after World War II. Forty American men and women receive tuition, fees, transportation, room and board, and other normal costs to study at any university in the United Kingdom. Candidates must have high academic ability (3.7+ GPA) and an excellent grasp of their future academic plans. A wide range of study fields is possible, and applicants are expected to be knowledgeable about specific programs offered at their chosen British university. The proposals must be well articulated and the candidate must show a capacity to play an active role at the university.

Campus Deadline:
September 18

Information for students interested in being nominated:
Applying for Marshall through Eckerd

Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: http://www.marshallscholarship.org/

QuEST Scholarship

The NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) program provides institutions with funds for scholarships to encourage and enable academically talented students with unmet financial need to complete degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. The NSF program addresses the national need to increase substantially the number of American scientists and engineers.

The Quantitative Excellence in Science and Technology (QuEST) Scholarship Program at Eckerd was established through an S-STEM grant from the National Science Foundation.  The QuEST program focuses on the success of transfer students in the sciences and has several key components:

Scholarships to transfer students in the sciences

QuEST Scholarships reward outstanding applicants who will be science majors upon transferring to Eckerd College. Scholarships of up to $8,000 annually are available to students for up to three years of study at Eckerd.

QuEST Seminar

The QuEST Seminar extends over two semesters and includes all new QuEST Scholars. The goals of the seminar include cohort building and exploring issues shared within STEM fields such as quantitative skills, interdisciplinary research, and scientific ethics. Career preparation and summer research will be also be topics of discussion in the seminar.

C-STARS tutoring program

College Student Tutors and Resources for Science (C-STARS) is a new peer-learning program for any student who seeks help with quantitative elements of STEM courses. The C-STARS program builds on and expands current tutoring support programs in the sciences. Upper level undergraduates serve as peer consultants and tutors to assist students struggling with quantitative elements of STEM courses. The C-STARS program unifies the Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science evening tutors under one umbrella and includes additional peer tutors to support students in the increased understanding of quantitative elements of courses in other STEM disciplines.

Upper level students will be employed as peer consultants and will work with the C-STARS Director, a STEM faculty member who will organize, mentor, and train the tutors, providing weekly feedback sessions regarding pedagogical approaches. C-STARS program will provide a centralized support system to aid any student seeking academic support for quantitative components of STEM courses. The Center for Quantitative Excellence in Science and Technology (C-QuEST) will be the physical home for the C-STARS. It will offer an inviting atmosphere where students can congregate to work with their friends or to seek help from peer tutors specializing in science and mathematics.

Peer-mentoring program

The peer mentoring program provides a conduit through which the QuEST Scholars can obtain informal academic information relating to issues such as academic integrity, course registration, the petition process, and the Writing Portfolio requirement, among others. Motivated, successful students in the sciences, serve as peer mentors with the potential to provide QuEST Scholars with a social as well as an academic connection to the campus.

Application forms here

Rhodes Scholarship

These are among the best known and most prestigious scholarships in the world. Established by Cecil Rhodes in his will in 1902, the scholarships (of which 32 are awarded to American men and women each year) are for two or three years of study at Oxford University in any field. Tuition and fees are paid, plus a stipend for living expenses and travel. Applicants must be goal-oriented, have leadership ability, high scholastic achievement, a strong character, and physical vigor. Eckerd College has had a Rhodes Scholar and multiple national and regional finalists, and their advice and essays are available to prospective applicants. Those interested should also contact Dr. Richard Hallin, our former Dean of Admissions, who was a Rhodes Scholarship winner.

Campus Deadline:
September 11

Information for students interested in being nominated:
Applying for Rhodes through Eckerd

Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: http://www.rhodesscholar.org/

Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation offers one-year scholarships for men and women to study abroad in over 100 countries having Rotary Clubs. The purpose is to promote international understanding and friendly relations between peoples, rather than to earn a degree. Winners are to be "ambassadors" to the countries they visit. While there are some undergraduate awards available, most are for those who will hold a B.A. degree at the time the fellowship begins. Preference is generally given to applicants who can demonstrate an ability to read, write, and speak the language of the host country— a language other than their own.


Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: http://www.rotary.org

Truman Scholarship

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to college students who have outstanding leadership potential and who intend to pursue careers in public service. Public service is defined very broadly, including government at any level, uniformed services, public-interest organizations, nongovernmental research and/or educational organizations, and public-service oriented non-profit organizations such as those whose primary purposes are to help needy or disadvantaged persons or to protect the environment. Among the materials to be submitted is an analysis of public-policy issue written by the nominee. Eckerd may nominate up to four juniors.

According to the Truman website: "The Foundation provides scholarship winners with up to $30,000 in support for graduate studies toward a public service-related degree in fields of study including agriculture, biology, engineering, environmental management, physical and social sciences, and technology policy, as well as traditional fields such as economics, education, government, history, international relations, law, political science, public administration, nonprofit management, public health, and public policy."


Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: http://www.truman.gov/

Udall Foundation

Awarded to students with a minimum 3.0 GPA who plan a career in environmental policy or Native American healthcare/tribal policy. Two winners will be chosen from each state (could be state of residency or college). Winners get $5,000 and attend a paid summer conference. The ideal nominee should be a junior environmental studies major or someone who has done significant environmental coursework, and should also have a major extracurricular activity in the environmental realm (head of the Earth Society, internship with an NGO or agency, participation on an environmental grant).

Campus Deadline: mid-February
Udall Deadline: early March

Campus Contact: Graduate Fellowship Advisor
Website: http://www.udall.gov/

The Graduate Fellowship Advisor is availble to answer questions and provide additional information.

An additional resource for identifying scholarships and fellowships is the National Association of Fellowships Advisors.