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Tips for your Marshall application

The Personal Statement is one of the most important parts of the application. It needs to be clearly and engagingly written, and it should reflect your own personality as well as contain information about your past activities and future plans. In other words, you should use this statement to define who you are and why a Marshall Scholarship is essential to helping you achieve your goals. Please feel free to click below to examine sample personal statements by past Marshall winners from across the country. Additional samples are on file with the Eckerd faculty representative. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THESE ESSAYS!

Sample Personal Statements:

Economic and Social Historian

Creative Writer

Medicine/Public Health

Politics/Political Science

The Proposed Academic Programme is also weighed heavily by the Marshall Committee. You should use this essay to justify your university selection and demonstrate how your course of study will aid a future career. This statement should complement (but not repeat) the Personal Statement, and it should reflect an understanding of both the field and the program offerings of your selected university. A list of British universities as well as more information about specific degree programs is available at the Marshall website.