Charge to the Newly Installed

Vice President James J. Annarelli

James AnnarelliLibby and Doug,

My charge to you today is a simple one -- to continue to do the work that you have already begun here, work that you are carrying out with great love, faithfulness, dedication, and effectiveness. For you have already responded with the words uttered by the Prophet Isaiah at his commissioning:

Here I am! Send me!

Continue to nurture the faith of your students and colleagues.

In this wonderfully pluralistic college community, lead us in celebrating our spiritual diversity.

Help us to be supportive and respectful companions to one another as we continue on our individual spiritual journeys.

Challenge us to move from our sanctuaries to see the divine sacramentality of the every day, the sacred in all of creation, God's presence in all our encounters.

Lead us in a courageous response to the cry for justice in our world and challenge us to be reverent stewards of God's creation.

Support your fellow campus ministers and leaders of faith in fruitfully serving the Eckerd community.

Be effective facilitators of the conversations of differing faiths and, with candor and openness, foster campus dialogue between faith perspectives and all areas of human learning and scholarship.

Most of all, continue to love us as God loves us, despite all our limitations; to celebrate with us our achievements and comfort us in our defeats and losses; to teach us the ways of goodness and of God through words, worship, and example; and to challenge us to reach beyond the easy, and the comfortable, and the conventional as we respond to God's gracious call to be transformed in love and to work tirelessly for a more just and peaceful world.

In this calling, you have our love, our support, and our prayers.