Prayers of the People and Lord's Prayer

Elder Alfonso Woods

Alfonso WoodsLet us join our hearts together in prayer.

Most gracious father, soul of the universe, the God of all grace and truth, thou who art worthy of a nobler praise than our lips can utter, and of a greater love than we can give or understand. That great-unseen spirit... by whose law the planets run their courses... by whose plan life has unfolded upon the earth... by whose inspiration scholars have searched for truth, prophets have spoken, and poets dreamed. Our fathers and mothers in their pilgrimage walked by thy guidance, and rested on thy compassion. Thou hast made us one in our need for thee, one in our desire for thy fellowship, one in our common hope of life everlasting.

Mothering God, we are in awe of How Great Thou Art. You reveal yourself in sunshine and thunderstorms, in turning leaves and deep blue seas. Most of all you show your extravagant creativity in the variety of the people you have created and love. We ask for your kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. Specifically, we pray for the city of St. Petersburg and communities everywhere. We pray that each one might be blessed with good government; community leaders who serve the poor and the outcast, and churches that proclaim the good news to their communities.

Surround with your love and compassion, all who suffer this day in body or spirit. Give hope to those overwhelmed by circumstance, give hope to those without homes on our own streets, those whose homes and hopes were swept away in natural disasters. Bless this day, we pray, O God, those who grieve and let them know your mercy and all your promises. Lift them from despair and grant to them the assurance of your healing and saving love. Save us, we pray, from the self-righteous assumption that we alone understand your purpose, and from the easy bitterness that lets us dismiss the faith of those with whom we disagree.
Mother and father of us all - hear our prayers for those of our brothers and sisters whose names are upon our hearts at this time -- bless those in our family and our community... and all those who are in need in the world around us - and those - whom we name before you at this time.... Lord hear our prayer...

God in Community, Holy in One, Father, Brother, Mother, hear us as we pray together as Jesus taught His disciples to pray: Our Father . . .

Offered by Pastor Alfonso Woods
Trinity Presbyterian Church, St. Petersburg Florida

March 7, 2011