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The Center for Spiritual Life
Wireman Chapel at Eckerd College

Doug McMahon, Jr.
Director of the Center for Spiritual Life and Chaplain

Libby Shannon '05
Associate Director of the Center for Spiritual Life and Chaplain

Father John Gerth
Catholic Campus Ministries

Rabbi Ed Rosenthal, Campus Rabbi
Executive Director Suncoast Hillel
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Center for Spiritual Life

Center for Spiritual Life

Student Coordinator

Student Coordinators are students who work with the Center for Spiritual Life and Campus Ministries to serve the student body. Along with the Eckerd College Chaplains and the Faculty Fellows, they lead small groups, dorm conversations, special programs and other activities on the Eckerd campus.

Selena Bachelder

Student Coordinator, Burchenal Lecture Series and Special Events
Senior from Readfield, Maine
Majors: Environmental Studies, Biology
Minor: Spanish
Clubs/Organizations: Green Team (president), ECHO (Eckerd College Homeless Outreach), ECOS Environmental Responsibility Committee, Eckerd Composting (Treasurer), Eckerd Recycling, Eckerd College Band, Student Representative for the EAC (Environmental Affairs Committee)

 Senior Selena Bachelder is the Student Coordinator of the Burchenal Lecture Series and Special Events. She first became involved with CSL as a first year attending organ concerts, the pet blessing, and other events. Becoming a student coordinator has opened her eyes to the eccentricities of Eckerd and St. Petersburg, and to the complexity of life whether on or off campus. Selena most enjoys CSL when it comes to the multitude of conversations it engages the entire campus in! As for her “spare” time, Selena can be found playing the trombone in the Eckerd Band, and spending time on the beach.

Rachel Beck

Rachel Beck

Student Coordinator, Christian Ministries
Senior from Cupertino, California
Majors: Environmental Studies, Political Science
Minor: Spanish
Clubs/Organizations: Eckerd College Ambassador, Research Assistant, Founder of EMPOWER
Other Activities: Reading, traveling

Senior Rachel Beck is a Student Coordinator for Christian Ministries. She became involved with the Center for Spiritual Life by attending church services and Bible study in her first year at Eckerd. During Rachel’s sophomore year she was the Communications Student Coordinator and created the super-awesome Facebook page for CSL! Her favorite event so far is the Peace Pilgrimage, where students walk from campus to downtown St. Petersburg and learn about the surrounding communities. Although Rachel is always on-the-go, you should stop her in her tracks to ask her about the service trips she’s done with Eckerd to Mexico, Spain, and Peru.

Olivia Cook

Student Coordinator, Special Programs
Senior from Lakeland, Florida
Majors: Anthropology, International Relations
Clubs/Organizations: Outdoor Adventure Club, Garden Club, Edible Peace Patch volunteer
Other Activities: Reading, writing, playing music, cooking, and spending time outdoors 

Senior Olivia Cook first became a part of the Center for Spiritual Life when she participated in a service trip during her Autumn Term as a first year. Her favorite CSL event is the Peace Pilgrimage, a walk through St. Petersburg that highlights themes such as war and peace. As the passionate Eckerd student that Olivia is, you might find her gardening outdoors, on her bike downtown, cooking up something spicy and delicious, or happily talking to a stranger about their day.

Rose Helena

Senior from Claremont, California
Majors: Psychology, Gender Studies
Clubs/Organizations: Academic Honor Council, CASA
Other Activities: Enjoying the vistas and sleeping

Rose Helena is snow falling on your slumberous mansion. She is the embrace that lingers, the cat that knows your corners. There is no without her, all things are within Her. 4eva and eva, amen.

Anna Kelley

Student Coordinator, Office Staff
Senior from Nashville, Tennessee
Major: International Relations
Minor: Chinese
Clubs/Organizations: Center for Spiritual Life!
Other activities: Being awesome, mostly 

This is Anna Kelley’s first year working for the Center of Spiritual Life and she couldn’t be more excited! Although her job title says, "Office Staff," she has compiled an extensive list "Leslie-Knope-style" of her ideas for future CSL events. One of these developments is a multi-faith holiday calendar for campus-wide use, engaging students, faculty, and staff in recognition of the many traditions and religious cultures outside of their own. In her spare time, she hopes to attend group meditation meetings on campus, and generally having a great senior year.

Conor McKenna

Student Coordinator, Spirituality
Senior from Los Altos, California
Major: Marine Science
Clubs/Organizations: The Current, Plainswalkers United
Other Activities: Video games, scuba diving, ice hockey, swimming

Senior Conor McKenna became involved with the Center for Spiritual Life by attending CSL hosted events and talking with other student coordinators. He appreciates the important, in-depth conversations on topics CSL provides and hopes to encourage others to join in. Conor first was introduced to CSL by taking part in Passions with Professors, his favorite CSL event. In his spare time, Conor likes to be outside, especially on Eckerd’s South Beach. If he’s indoors, however, you can find him playing video games and trading card games.

Clara Suarez-Nugent

Student Coordinator, Service and Social Justice
Sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia
Major: International Relations
Minors: Religious Studies, French
Clubs/Organizations: Crossfit club, Peer Mentor, Eckerd College Homeless Outreach
Other activities: Singing, playing the ukulele, reading, and playing with animals

Clara Suarez-Nugent is a Student Coordinator for Service and Social Justice. She became involved with the Center for Spiritual Life through her Religious Studies classes and attending Catholic mass on Saturdays. Clara believes that giving back and thinking about others is deeply characteristic of Eckerd students, yet is rarely associated with spirituality on campus. Her efforts thus include combining the two, focusing on service and social justice issues. Clara’s favorite CSL event was last year’s CPS lecture entitled, "Can Science and Religion Coexist?" She was inspired by the thoughtfulness of the conversation it produced, as well as the diverse amount of views represented. In Clara’s free time, she participates in more service opportunities!

Nicole Zavala

Student Coordinator, Office Staff
Senior from Palm Coast, Florida
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Psychology
Clubs/Organizations: Eckerd Composting (Vice President), Green Team, ECOS Environmental Responsibility Committee, Outdoor Adventure Club
Other Activities: Edible Peace Patch Project volunteer, biking, mycology, hiking, cooking, reading, and writing.

Senior Nicole Zavala is a Student Coordinator for the Center of Spiritual Life. After transferring into Eckerd, she attended a Passions with Professors event and has involved herself in CSL events ever since. Nicole is interested in student engagement through offering new perspectives on matters both known and abstract. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors and exercising, especially when the two activities are combined.

Mission and Work

Eckerd College is related by covenant to the Presbyterian Church, USA and is a member of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities.

The mission and work of the Center are enriched and informed by the Reformed Tradition, while remaining ecumenical and inclusive in focus as the Center seeks to meet the spiritual needs of our diverse academic community.