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Dear Reader,

You hold in your (virtual) hands a culmination of creative effort, a myriad of minds. You hold hours upon hours spent bent over a notebook and keyboard, camera and easel, of ideas made manifest in images and characters, paint and print. You hold the artistic endeavors of many talented writers and artists whose achievements represent the best talent among Eckerd College students, alumni, trustees, faculty, staff, affiliates, and friends. This year, we are proud to continue Eckerd’s long tradition of fostering a community rich in the creative arts, and hope that this issue of Eckerd Review stands as a significant contribution, a realization of the important role the arts play in our education and our lives. We hope, too, as you peruse the pages before you, that the outstanding works featured in this publication will inspire and encourage even further growth within the College’s artistic community.

Eckerd Review would not be possible if not for the many who invest their time, energy, and passion into its making, and to them we extend our deepest gratitude. We are ever grateful for our gifted contributors, as well as our faithful readers, without whom this magazine could not flourish.

We would like to thank President Donald Eastman and Dean of Students James Annarelli for their continued support, Casey Paquet and Adam Bedard for their conscientious maintenance of our website, John Duff for facilitating the purchase of our new computer, and also Lova Patterson and the Eckerd College Organization of Students for the financial aid that helps keep Eckerd Review thriving. A heartfelt thanks goes to Scott Ward, Professor of Literature and Creative Writing and Chair of the Creative Arts Collegium, for his dedication to the development of Eckerd’s creative talent. To Professor of Visual Arts Arthur Skinner, who always aids us in the collection and selection of the beautiful visual art featured in each issue, we owe a multitude of thanks. Our utmost appreciation goes to Staff Adviser and "eagle-eyed" College Editor Angie Jones, who never fails to go above and beyond the call of duty to make Eckerd Review the best it can be. And lastly, we must thank, thank, and thank again our beloved Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and Eckerd Review Faculty Adviser Helen Wallace, who remains a guiding light to the editorial team and an invaluable asset to the production of this magazine. She and her husband Peter Wallace help us to uphold an impassioned, playful spirit, an attitude crucial to the present and future success of our publication.

Now, take a breath. Hold the page between your fingers, and prepare to flip (in more ways than one). We are thrilled and proud to present the 2013 edition of the Eckerd Review. Enjoy!

- Eckerd Review Editorial Board

Current Issue

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