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Dear Reader,

The world of publishing can be daunting for any artist, and often the first publication is the most meaningful—a sign that someone’s passion is noticed and encouraged. But it is also the most frightening. The Eckerd Review strives to make that first step easier for new writers and artists in the Eckerd community, as well as showcase their work to an audience that knows the value of the arts. The message of thinking creatively, outside the immediate necessities of life, is one that Eckerd understands.

Thank you to President Donald Eastman, Dean of Faculty Suzan Harrison, and Dean of Students James Annarelli for their continued support, and to Lova Patterson and the Eckerd College Organization of Students for the financial aid that keeps the journal alive and well. We also thank Professor of Literature and Creative Writing Scott Ward and his colleagues for their dedication to the written word and the de- velopment of Eckerd’s creative talent. Thank you to Professor of Visual Arts Arthur Skinner for his leadership in soliciting exceptional artwork for us, and to Visual Arts Coordinator and Gallery Manager Emily Ayers for helping make our visual art exhibit in Cobb Gallery—and our book-launch Reading and Art Party—possible.

As is the case with any student-comprised club, the issue of graduating seniors is often a very stressful one. A stress that would be doubled by the departure of our wonderful Staff Adviser and College Editor Angie Jones, who catches everything from grammatical errors to extra spacing at the beginning of a paragraph. However, as I find myself awaiting the arrival of my graduation robes, I am not afraid for the welfare of the Review come August.

We’ve been exceptionally lucky this year in finding several younger students who are as devoted to the journal as any of those getting ready to graduate. For the first time, the Eckerd Review will have not one but two editors-in-chief in the fall. I’m certain that under the guidance of Faculty Adviser and Instructor of Creative Writing Michelle Brulé, a provider of endless enthusiasm and fantastic snacks, the 50th Anniversary Edition next year will be our best yet.

Dearest reader, prepare yourself for a uniquely engaging series of prose, poetry, and visual art before you flip to the next page. We are pleased to present the 2015 edition of Eckerd Review.

—Sarah Richardson, Editor-in-Chief, Eckerd Review