EC Rock Climbers Club

EC Rock Climbers Club (RCC) roster for 2012-2013

This roster reflects members who (1) are current faculty/staff/student, (2) have submitted a sports club waiver to ECOS, (3) and have submitted the Anit-Hazing form to the ECOS office. Those not on this list have yet to abide by the aforementioned requirements.

Anne Adams
Michelle Baldwin
Andrew Bene
Jeremy Bernfeld
John Cassell
Aubrey Chaperon
Emily Cohen
Sam Crea
Dominick Cuppetilli
Ryan Dilkey
Jeffrey Fabiszewski
Eleanor Finkenaur
Alanna Frayne
Patrick Giles
Jeremy Hoppe
Danielle Kaminski
Anthony Leyh
Wesley Lucas
Megan Maria
Holger Mauch
Sam McBride
Eve Minkin
Michael Mittermeier
Michaella Paddock
Carrie Plaxco
Andrew Porter
Christina Rizleris
Adam Stemm
Matt Sullivan
Max Tan
Christine Twete
Matt Van Der Maelen
Nick Ward
Emily Wright
Andrea Willingham
Brian Zaun