Executive Council

Name: Rhemy Alyce Brezin
Position: President
Year: Senior
E-mail: ecospres@eckerd.edu
Major: Environmental Studies
Minors: Biology, Coastal Management, and Anthropology
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Previous ECOS Involvement: 2010-2011 Alpha Complex Senator, 2011-2012 Omega Complex Senator, 2011-2012 Palmetto Productions Director of Committee
Other Activities and Interests: I am an active member of the Women’s Rugby team (left-side wing) and have served as their treasurer. I enjoy hiking, camping, baking cookies, and lazy Sundays watching TV or relaxing on the beach with friends.
Job Description: The ECOS President oversees the Executive Council, serves as the principal representative of the student body, and collaborates on projects and campus enhancements with the President, Dean of Students, and Eckerd College Staff and Faculty. In addition to working the Executive Council, comprised of the Executive Vice President, VP of Academic Affairs, and VP of Financial Affairs, the President also work closely with the Chief of Staff, Recording Secretary, and Parliamentarian. Finally, the President is responsible for selecting 17 students who will serve in appointed positions on the Cabinet and for overseeing the standing committees in the Constitution.

Name: Eliza Purcell van Dissel
Position: Executive Vice President
Year: Senior
E-mail: ecosevp@eckerd.edu
Major: Political Science
Minor: Biology
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Previous ECOS Involvement: 2011-2012 Zeta Senator
Other Activities and Interests: I love being active and being outside!
Job Description: My goal is to be the major channel of communication between the student body and ECOS. I chair the Student Senate and am the primary contact for all student clubs and organizations. I want to encourage students to take initiative, especially through Senate. There is so much that ECOS can do that students aren’t aware of, and I want to change that.

Name: Erin Stringer
Position: Vice President of Academic Affairs
Year: Junior
E-mail: ecosvpaa@eckerd.edu
Major: International Relations and Global Affairs
Minor: French and Music
Hometown: Portland, OR
Previous ECOS Involvement: 2011-2012 Director of Public Relations, 2010 Academic Affairs Committee Member
Other Activities and Interests: President of Eckerd College Concert Choir, Membership Outreach Coordinator for Eckerd’s branch of NSLS. In my spare time I love singing, theater, shopping, reading Jane Austen, attending sports games and ice-skating.
Job Description: My job is to foster a strong relationship between the students and the academic side of campus by providing CPS speakers and student-faculty events like Pitchers with Professors. My position also provides grants to encourage the student-faculty relationship and to provide students opportunities to further themselves through academic conferences.

Name: Brady O’Donnell
Position: Vice President of Financial Affairs
Year: Sophomore
E-mail: ecosvpfa@eckerd.edu
Major: Marine Science and Environmental Studies
Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO
Previous ECOS Involvement: 2012 Chief of Staff
Other Activities and Interests: Soccer, rugby, water sports, working out
Job Description: As the Vice President of Financial Affairs, I oversee the Financial Affairs Committee and manage the ECOS budget of half a million dollars which is allocated to the student clubs and organizations and used to provide academic and social entertainment opportunities for students.

Name: Greg Johnson
Position: Parliamentarian
Year: Sophomore
E-mail: ecospmtn@eckerd.edu
Major: Political Science, American Studies
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Previous ECOS Involvement: Public Relations; Constitution, Regulations, and By-Laws Committee
Other Activities and Interests: Resident Advisor for Alpha Gershwin
Job Description: As Parliamentarian, I chair the Constitution, Regulations, and By-Laws Committee. I also attend all Student Senate and Executive Council meetings and review all ECOS documents, including club-chartering application and by-laws, to ensure constitutional and parliamentary procedures are correctly followed.

Name: Langdon Perry Evans
Position: Chief of Staff
Year: Senior
E-mail: ecoscos@eckerd.edu
Major: Psychology
Minor: Leadership Studies
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Previous ECOS Involvement: Student Senate, ECOS Public Relations member
Other Activities and Interests: President of EC Men’s Rugby
Job Description: The ECOS Chief of Staff facilitates the effectiveness of the appointed positions by encouraging communication and cooperation between individuals.

Name: Erik Brydges
Position: Director of Public Relations
Year: Junior
E-mail: ecospr@eckerd.edu
Major: International Relations, Political Science
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL/ London, UK
Previous ECOS Involvement: 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 Director of Public Relations
Other Activities and Interests: Residence Life, Sailing Team
Job Description: The ECOS Public Relations (PR) office is located in Brown Hall 121. ECOS PR works closely with the executive branch, focusing on enhancing the overall image of ECOS through effective advertising of events and initiatives. ECOS PR also works with ECOS clubs to help advertise events and with several other departments on campus.

Name: JulieAnne Howe
Position: Recording Secretary
Year: Senior
E-mail: jehowe@eckerd.edu
Major: Psychology
Minor: Human Development, French
Hometown: Sammamish, WA
Other Activities and Interest: Art Therapy Intern at Creative Clay Inc, painting, wakeboarding, running, hiking, skiing, traveling, spending time with friends.
Job Description: As the Recording Secretary, I attend all ECOS Executive Council and Student Senate meetings and take minutes.