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The Unforeseen (2007)

When: February 23, 2008, 7pm


Director: Laura Dunn
Lee Daniel, Cinematographer

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The Unforeseen is a meditation on the destruction of the natural world and the American Dream as it falls victim to the cannibalizing forces of unchecked development. It is an intricate tale of personal hopes, victories, and failures, and debates over land, economics, property rights, and the public good. In a time when development and property values have skyrocketed in nearly every major city, Dunn makes a plea for our development-oriented society to consider restructuring the relationship between our values and the environment that sustains us. This is no simple story, but a tale of personal hopes, victories and failures; a series of debates over land, economics, property rights and the public good; a meditation on the exchange of our irreplaceable natural resources for an often fleeting American dream.

Featuring one of the last interviews with the iconic Texas Governor Ann Richards, internationally acclaimed environmentalist Wendell Berry and Robert Redford, The Unforeseen links the regional story of one community's struggle to protect their cultural capital to a larger examination of what Americans will give up in the name of progress and convenience.

Executive Producers : Terrence Malick, Robert Redford
Director: Laura Dunn
Cinematographer: Lee Daniel

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