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American Values, American Wilderness (2005)

When: February 27, 2008, 7 pm

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Presented by: Chris Barns, Writer and Director

In American Values, American Wilderness, a diverse group of Americans, including a teen-age daughter of Cambodian refugees, a children's book author, a cancer survivor, a Native American tribal chairman, inner city kids, and the late Christopher Reeve, among others, share their values for wilderness.

Christopher Barns is a Wilderness Specialist with the BLM National Landscape Conservation System and Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center, Missoula, MT. Chris came to the Carhart Center in 1999 after serving almost 9 years as the lead of the Wilderness, Recreation, and Paleontology programs for the Bureau of Land Management's Farmington Office in northwest New Mexico. He was the coordinator of the 30th anniversary Wilderness Conference that resulted in the four agencies' Wilderness Strategic Plan -- 1995, for which he was lead author. Chris has written/produced the films American Values: American Wilderness, Isle Royale's Wildflowers, and Lewis and Clark: Preserving the Discovery, as well as the Carhart Center's training video Deciding to Keep Wilderness Wild: Four Cornerstones for Wilderness Managers.

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