Under the Sea - A View from Below

When: Monday, February 22, 2010, 7 pm


Directed, Produced and Edited by: Matt O'Connor and Paul DiNatale (English, 74m, 2008)
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"Homemade" and "submarine" are two words that don't go together, but Karl Stanley has proven that convention wrong twice over. He designed and built two groundbreaking deep-sea submersibles with the creativity and resourcefulness of some of history's greatest inventors. His inventions have given him access to a world previously reserved for scientists and research grants, and he's not shy to gloat about it. He offers the general public a once in a lifetime experience to go face to face with an environment largely unexplored. A View From Below follows Karl Stanley in his unprecedented, controversial, quest to "Go Deeper." His determination and creativity will amaze and inspire you from the very beginning. Karl Stanley started building his first submarine when he was still in high school, and completed it during his time as an American Studies major at Eckerd College. He will be here to introduce the film and discuss afterwards.

Karl Stanley '97

Captain Karl Stanley has spent over two-thirds of his life pursuing his desire to explore the planet's "final frontier". He has designed and built two deep-diving submersibles which he has piloted in three different countries on more than 1000 dives, with missions ranging from just a few hours up to seventeen hours. At the age of 24, he began taking people on expeditions down the Cayman Trench off Roatan. Karl Stanley has a degree in American Studies from Eckerd College. His story has been featured in stories by National Geographic and on the Discovery Channel.

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