Suncoast Nature - Wild Orchid Man and The Phosphate Dilemma

When: Sunday, February 21, 2 pm


Wild Orchid Man
Director, editor, and music: Darryl Saffer
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The Phosphate Dilemma
Produced by 3PR, People for Protecting Peace River
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Wild Orchid Man in the Ghost Orchid Swamp
The pilot episode of a new nature series follows local Orchid expert and renowned artist Stig Dalström, as he searches for the elusive ghost orchid in the Florida Everglades. Stig Dalström and director Darryl Saffer will be here to introduce and discuss the film.

The Phosphate Dilemma
Essential viewing for those who care about the Floridian environment, The Phosphate Dilemma highlights the irreversible environmental and economic destruction that follows phosphate mining in southern Florida. Eckerd alumnus Dennis Mader will be here to discuss the issue.

Stig Dalström

Stig Dalström has degrees in civil engineering and horticulture, is a self-taught watercolor artist, botanical illustrator and experienced orchid taxonomist. Born and raised in Sweden, he now resides in Sarasota, Florida, USA. He is the former Curator of the Orchid Identification Center of the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, and has acquired a broad knowledge of the New World orchid flora. He is also a Research Associate of Lankester Botanical Garden, University of Costa Rica, and of Centro de Investigacion en Orquideas de los Andes Angel Andreetta, Gualaceo, Ecuador. His fine art can be seen in public and private collections in Europe, South America, Asia and the United States.

Darryl Saffer

Darryl spent two years studying biology in college before changing his major to music and earning a Masters degree in music theory. In addition to numerous film scores, he has written the book, music, and lyrics for two musicals and is an award-winning songwriter. An environmentalist, Darryl has performed extensively in schools and his songs about endangered species appear on his CD Through Our Eyes. His music is available from Amazon and iTunes. Darryl is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the Grammy awards). His camera has focused on such diverse subjects as orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island, public housing in Florida and cosmic theory. Darryl documented a botanical expedition in the cloud forest of Venezuela, produced the CD-ROM Tales Of Titans - The Amorphophallus titanum in North America and his recent film, Myakka River State Park is part of the permanent exhibit at the South Florida Museum.

Dennis Mader

Dennis Mader graduated from Eckerd College in 1968 when it was still known as Florida Presbyterian College. He served for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tunisia, then returned to the United States and worked in health planning under the Appalachian Regional Commission. In 1972 he emigrated to the north woods of Canada to undertake a life volunteer simplicity. From 1990 to 1998 he made three trips to India for the purpose of studying Ayurveda, traditional Indian healing. He is presently living in Hardee County, Florida, and serving as president of 3PR (People for Protecting Peace River), an environmental organization opposed to the expansion of phosphate strip mines in the Peace River watershed.

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