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2013 Awards

We are very excited to announce the winners of the 2013 "Visions of Nature/Voices of Nature" Awards. We had an exciting festival, with packed theaters, and appreciative audiences.

Our guest speakers informed and entertained us, and their films exposed us to new ways of thinking about our connections with the natural world.

Our awards this year recognize films that were able to educate at the same time as they entertained and surprised audiences, provoking strong reactions and insightful questions.

The Audience Choice Award goes to a clear favorite, that combines gripping imagery, a personal story of struggle and conviction, and an urgent message about the impact of climate change. Acknowledged by our jury for its highly innovative and deeply moving approach to telling its story of first contact in Australia, our Special Jury Prize goes to a film that was also a close runner-up for the Audience Choice award.

Audience Choice Award

Chasing Ice

Audience Choice Award

Special Jury Prize


Special Jury Prize

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Sponsored by: The Phoenix Venture Philanthropy Foundation.

With additional support from the Program for Experienced Learners at Eckerd College, the Letters Collegium, the Environmental Studies Program at Eckerd College and the Eckerd College Organization of Students.

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