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February 15, 2013, 7pm

The Elusive Wild: The Hunter

A mercenary, in search of an animal thought to be extinct, finds himself in the middle of a conflict between loggers and environmental activists. He begins to question the intentions of his employer, and to question himself regarding the ethics of his pursuit. Program offered in collaboration with the International Cinema Series, and presented by Dr. Nathan Andersen.

February 16, 2013, 7pm

Images of Climate Change: Chasing Ice

Celebrated National Geographic photographer James Balog sets off on an obsessive quest to document the real impact of climate change. The images he found, and that are captured beautifully in this film, are at once gorgeous and heartbreaking. The film's director and cinematographer, Jeff Orlowski, will present the film.

February 17, 2013, 2pm

Eco-Movements: A Fierce Green Fire - The Battle for a Living Planet

The story of the environmental movement - both at a grassroots and global level over the last fifty years - from halting dams to saving whales, told through the bold stories of people resisting and fighting for ecosystems against tremendous odds. Having shown where the environmental movement has been, the film ends with a vision of where it is going.

February 18, 2013, 7pm

Spiritual Ecology: Samsara

Created by the acclaimed cinematographer of the Qatsi trilogy and director of Baraka, Samsara is a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of images from around the world, of life and death, work and play, from the profane to the sacred. This contemplative work offers insight into the interconnections between all ways and walks of life. Presented by Dr. Christina Petersen, Christian Nielsen Endowed Chair of Film Studies at Eckerd College.

February 19, 2013 7pm

Silenced by Corporations: Big Boys Gone Bananas

Swedish filmmakers create a small documentary about the banana industry and find themselves in the crosshairs of the Dole food corporation. They decided to record the whole thing, in this David and Goliath tale about the power of corporations to silence critics who speak out on behalf of human rights and the environment.

February 20, 2013, 7pm

What We Eat: In Organic We Trust

What exactly does it mean when food is labelled "organic"? Is it really better for you? Director Kip Pastor talks to scientists, farmers and critics, and finds that while massive corporations have co-opted the label as a marketing tool, the original grassroots philosophy behind it is alive and well in communities across the country. Presented by Dr. Kent Curtis, Professor of Environmental Studies and Founder and Executive Director of the Edible Peace Patch Garden.

February 21, 2013, 7pm

Real Eco-Horrors: Poisoned Waters

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Hedrick Smith explores the dangerous condition of some of America's great waterways, like Puget Sound and the Chesapeake Bay. Polluted runoff from a variety of industries poses a threat to fish, wildlife and human health. Presented by the narrator and co-writer of the documentary, Hedrick Smith.

February 22, 2013, 7pm

Eco-Horror: The Bay

Approached to make a documentary about the Chesapeake Bay, acclaimed director Barry Levinson found that no one seemed to care how polluted it was, so he decided to modify the footage he had already captured and create a real-life horror story. Program offered in collaboration with the International Cinema Series. Presented by Dr. Catherine Griggs.

February 23, 2013, 7pm

Rare Humanity: Contact

In 1964, a group of twenty Martu women and children - Aboriginal people who had never before seen whites - were encountered in the Great Sandy Desert of Australia. This remarkable film includes not only documentary footage of that first contact, but also recent interviews with several members of the original Martu group, who poignantly describe the encounter of 1964 and its profound impact on their lives. Presented by Dr. James Deutsch, program curator at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage and adjunct professor of American studies at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Sponsored by: The Phoenix Venture Philanthropy Foundation.

With additional support from the Program for Experienced Learners at Eckerd College, the Letters Collegium, the Environmental Studies Program at Eckerd College and the Eckerd College Organization of Students.

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